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Foreign-Bride.org is the platform for those who want to know more about international dating. Our team consists of experienced writers—we create useful content to help our readers understand the international dating industry better. We are focused on useful, interesting, and unbiased content—so you can be sure all the facts on Foreign-Bride.org are 100% true and correct.

Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified writers and editors who know all the major facts and details about online dating and international dating in particular. The members of the Foreign-Bride.org team are experienced, unbiased, and focused on creating high-quality content for the readers. They are not some freelance writers—it’s a full-time in-house creative team.

Dr. Kimberly Gilroy is a psychologist and a writer who writes posts about dating and long-distance relationships. She is a professional and dedicated author with 5+ years of writing experience and 10+ years of clinical experience in psychology. Kimberly has outstanding writing, research, and analytic skills—she sees things from a unique perspective thus providing priceless insight and advice to readers.
Ruth Edelman
Ruth is a 31-year old writer who has been working as a creative copywriter, PR specialist, and creative copywriter since 2013. She writes articles about long-distance relationships and international dating, as well as about the mail order bride industry. Ruth is skilled in writing top-ranking relationship and family articles and copies for landing pages.
Tom Hays
Tom is a reporter who has been covering courts, marriage law, and international relationships in the United States since 2010. At the time of writing, Tom is an Associated Press editor and journalist. He is a creative and detail-oriented professional who approves the tone and style of the publications, reviews content, and provides suggestions for edits.
Rubie Peters
Rubie Peters is a marriage and family therapist with rich experience, both clinical and private. She is a graduated psychologist—Rubie completed a master's degree in marriage and family therapy at the USC Rossier School of Education (Los Angeles, CA) in 2014. Rubie has been working as a family therapist for more than 6 years.

Foreign-Bride.org authors can be safely called online dating professionals. When they write reviews of mail bride websites, they always test these platforms before creating the draft. When they write about women from a particular country, they always do a fact-check to make sure they’re telling the truth. It’s the main philosophy of Foreign-Bride.org—helping people interested in international dating, writing useful articles, and being honest with the readers when providing personal opinions.

The Experts We Trust

All of our authors are professional writers, but it’s not only about them; it’s also about well-recognized dating experts from all over the US. Family therapists, dating coaches, popular opinion-makers with millions of followers—we pay attention to what they say about online dating, we get inspired by their opinions, and we might even ask for their help if we need someone to look at things from a different angle.

Eunice Hong is the founder of a relationship coaching service for women who want to understand how to date successfully. She uncovers relationship patterns, helps her customers find a perfect match, and teaches women to communicate more effectively. More than 50,000 followers on Instagram, thousands of customers—Eunice is a well-known expert in the field of offline and online dating.
Jaime Bronstein is one of the most popular relationship therapists and dating coaches in the United States. Jaime helps people from all around the world to achieve their relationship goals and to solve their relationship problems. She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (Boston University) and a Psychology certificate from California's graduate school, the University of Santa Monica.
Samantha is one of the most popular dating coaches and relationship experts in the United States. She knows everything about building satisfying and committed relationships, as well as about building trust and intimacy in a relationship. She writes posts and articles for such sites as Huffington Post, Bustle, and Women's Health.
A coaching professional who has been helping people since 2000, Samantha knows a lot about successful relationships. Her YouTube channel has almost 200,000 subscribers, her books are becoming a major success, and her advice is always practical and helpful.

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