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Thailand is an exotic country that is a home of attractive oriental beauties. Recently those ladies have become in great demand among Western men and rightfully so. Those ladies can charm anyone with their natural beauty and easy-going personality. Stay with us to explore the Thai culture of Thai women, debunk some common stereotypes and learn where you can find a pretty bride from Thailand.

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Cultural peculiarities of Thai girls for marriage

Thailand has a nickname — the Land of Smiles — and that is for a good reason. Thai mail order brides and people in general love to smile and have fun. Like most Asian brides, they try to enjoy their life to the fullest and don’t take everything too seriously. Besides, Thai smiles don’t always mean being happy. They have many different types of it, including when ‘it is not funny’ smile or one to show that ‘you can talk to me, but I don’t already like it’.

cute thai bride in shirt

In Thai culture, negative emotions or arguments are not dealt with publicly but only in private. PDA is also a big no-no. Thai people tend to be judgemental, and no one wants their relationship to be discussed by neighbours. That is why if something is not okay, your girl will probably say nothing at first not to catch anyone’s attention. But that doesn’t mean that talking through the problem doesn’t matter.

Popular Thai brides profiles

Lomlawan Profile image 1
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Lomlawan, 19
Bangkok, Thailand
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Wantanee, 26
Bangkok, Thailand
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Jittapa, 22
Bangkok, Thailand
From: theluckydate.com

Thai brides myths debunked

As stunning Thai mail order brides are very popular, there are many stereotypes and myths about them. Today we are doing to find out what is true and what is a complete myth.

Myth 1: Easy to get & not serious

It is partly right when it comes to touristic cities and women that work as escorts. But remember that it is only a tiny part of Thailand. Such a myth exists only because it is blown by the media, and of course, if that is something you are interested in, you can find it here, but it is not a general norm. The vast majority of Thai brides take love and relationships very seriously the same Indian wives do.

pretty thai girl in white top

Myth 2: Gold-diggers

Such a stereotype exists around all mail order brides, but it is untrue as a rule. The majority of women are not in it for money. They are interested in serious relationships, the opportunity to make the right partner and love.

Myth 3: Subservient

There is a myth that Thailand wives are subservient, and they always go along with what their partner wants. It is partly true, as those ladies don’t like to challenge or argue with their loved ones or anyone for that matter. But that doesn’t mean that your Thai girl will do everything that you want. Those beauties have their own preferences, interests, and if you do something wrong, they’ll get you to know soon, if not immediately.

thai bride

Top websites to find a Thai wife

If you are wondering where my Thai bride is? What are the best places to find here? Don’t worry, we got you covered and prepared top dating sites to connect with Thailand beauties.

Those popular sites can help you find a Thai mail order wife quickly and safely. Besides, online dating is very easy, and you can start right now. They provide an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Success stories

lovely couple

Hathai & Thomas

I met my Thai girlfriend two months ago and am very happy. She texted me first, something like, “Hi. I would like to watch the sunset with you.” From the first minutes, I was fascinated by how well she knows English. Over time, I learned that she had a very good education. When I visited her in Thailand, she cooked many delicious Asian dishes for me. My girlfriend is a very versatile, interesting person. I never get bored with her. At the same time, she always takes care of me, and every time I am surprised by how she guesses every little thing. We’ve met 3 times already, and I’m thinking about marriage more and more.

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happy couple

Ben & Bunsi

I met my beauty in February last year. When I flipped through the gallery of girls, I immediately noticed her. I was impressed by her touching introverted look. My favorite Bunsi in correspondence and personal life turned out to be a little talkative, mysterious, and feminine. I am very attracted to her softness and sincerity. She never argues, does not make scandals, and does not put pressure on me. It seems to me that this is how a real woman should be. We meet as soon as I have the opportunity and I can call our relationship serious.

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5 tips to attract Thailand wives

  1. Be interested in her culture and try to understand it.
  2. Show that you have serious intentions (it will definitely work on Korean mail order wife).
  3. Be honest and genuine in your emotions and feelings.
  4. Treat your girl right and be very respectful to her parents.
  5. Be romantic and show that you can take care of your future family.

Follow those little pieces of advice to build a happy relationship with the Thai women you love. Benefit from modern technologies and online dating to meet and date with stunning girls from Thailand. Those ladies are totally worth the effort!

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What are Thai women like?

Thai ladies are beautiful, incredibly optimistic, tolerant and friendly. They are more westernized than many other Asian girls, and contrary to popular belief, they are not easy and subservient to their men.

How to meet Thai girls?

You can meet them online or in real life. Of course, if you want to meet them IRL, you need to go to Thailand for at least for two months, and if you want to meet them online, you just need to find a safe and reputable dating site (a niche platform with brides if you are looking for serious relationships).

How to date a Thai woman?

It’s not that hard—Thai women are pretty westernized and there are fewer cultural barriers. Here are some basic tips—dress to impress, don’t make her jealous, demonstrate respect for her culture and interest in it, be honest and treat her with respect.

How to flirt with a Thai girl?

Don’t think she’s easy, don’t mention anything related to sex, try to make her laugh, be friendly. Most importantly, relax and have fun—that’s how you become confident and therefore attractive.

How to tell if a Thai girl likes you?

She will become even more caring and attentive, show a lot of interest in your life, interests, things that happen to you, and she’s likely to change her relationship status on social networking sites.

How much are Thai brides?

The price depends entirely on the site and services you choose. On average, membership on a dating site will cost from $10 to $100 per month, use of premium services from $5 per month. Also, the amount includes a trip to Thailand — about $3,000 to $10,000 for 14 days.

How many Western men marry Thai mail order wives?

According to the latest research, in 2020, more than 343 brides from Thailand arrived in the United States, while in 2010, the number of Thai women for marriage who entered the United States on a fiancée visa was as high as 765. This number is one of the highest in the Asian region.

What do Thai mail order brides want?

Many young girls in Thailand dream of finding a partner abroad. Charming mail order brides want to date and marry confident, reliable, and strong men with whom they will create a happy family together. Thai ladies are looking for men who will not only take care of them but will also protect them.

Why do young Thai women marry old American men?

It is not a secret that young Thai mail order brides are truly attracted to older American men and most ladies are open to the idea of dating older guys. For some girls, it is preferable to date older men, while some believe that older Western guys will be more responsible, reliable, and faithful to them.

What do Thai girls like most about men from Europe?

The main reason why Thai girls find European men very attractive is that Thai girls are looking for a real man with emotional maturity who has strong values and is able to take care of his family and wife. Also, they believe that European men make great fathers and partners.

Do Thai girls like white guys?

Certainly yes, Thai girls are very attracted to white guys and there are a lot of reasons for this. And it is not only because of physical attractiveness. Thai girls think that white guys are much more romantic, and caring than local guys.

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