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Out of all Latin American countries, Mexico is the number one country for men who are looking for mail order brides. Compared to 2010, when 1,586 Mexican women moved into the United States on a fiancée visa, in 2019, that number was 1,676. This slow but steady growth is not surprising, as Mexican brides have dozens of benefits, and you can meet them from the comfort of your own home with these trusted dating sites.

Best Dating & Mexican Mail Order Brides Sites in 2024

Rank Site Trial Link
#1 La-Date
#2 Colombia Lady
#3 LatiDate

If you try to imagine a woman from Mexico, you will probably see a beautiful Latina who has long curly hair, hypnotizing brown eyes, shiny olive skin, and those curves that make everyone drool. In addition to such a breathtaking appearance, this woman also has quite a passionate and sometimes even a little short temper, which makes you crazy but you still like it.

cute mexican bride laughing

Well, even though all these things might seem like an old cliché to you, a lot of the things that we know about Mexican ladies for marriage are actually true. Mexican mail order brides are indeed stunningly gorgeous, incredibly passionate, and particularly emotional. These Latin ladies for marriage are the type who can devote their lives completely to the people or things they love. In addition to that, these ladies are super fun to just be around since they are friendly, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor. So if you are dreaming of dating a Latina, head to one of the Mexican dating sites and meet her today.

Who Are Mexican Women for Marriage?

In terms of both serious and romantic online relationships, a Mexico mail order bride is actually a great partner. She is loving, caring, and, most importantly, loyal. As a rule, such a woman doesn’t cheat simply because she prefers to end a relationship when she feels like it has no future and only after that start a new one. However, note that this beauty will also expect you to be faithful too. Obviously, loyalty and being truthful about one’s feelings is a trait of character not many women have but Mexico brides do have it, which makes them so valuable. This is why international dating is so popular in this country.

In general, mail order brides from Mexico are gorgeous, sociable, and just so much fun. As a matter of fact, due to their love for life, open-mindedness, and slightly hot-tempered nature, these ladies are extremely popular among those men who want a passionate, in every sense of the word, woman. Fortunately, there are many decent sites where you can find yourself a soulmate from Mexico. So let us have a closer look at the real Mexican wife’s personality in order to figure out whether such a girl would be a perfect match for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Find Mexican Mail Order Brides

Even though there are now some dating agencies that promise to connect you with Mexican brides for sale, most men now prefer to do their own search using one of the popular dating sites. Signing up for a dating site usually costs nothing, but you will need to pay for a Premium membership and extra features if you want to get the most out of your experience.

Popular Mexican Brides Profiles

Natalia Profile image 1
Natalia Profile image 2
Natalia Profile image 3
Natalia Profile image 4
Natalia Profile image 5
Natalia has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Natalia, 23
Mexico city, Mexico
From: colombialady.com
Yasmara Profile image 1
Yasmara Profile image 2
Yasmara Profile image 3
Yasmara Profile image 4
Yasmara Profile image 5
Yasmara has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Yasmara, 27
Oaxaca, Mexico
From: colombialady.com
Romina Profile image 1
Romina Profile image 2
Romina Profile image 3
Romina Profile image 4
Romina Profile image 5
Romina has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Romina, 37
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
From: colombialady.com

As soon as you understand that the lady is the one, it’s time for you to meet in real life. Usually, men go to their lovers’ countries and spend around 14 days there, enjoying local culture and time spent with their ladies. We’ll go through the top 5 things that form Mexican mail order brides prices, and base the following list on the information from such services as Skyscanner and BudgetYourTrip.

  • Flights. Since Latin America is close to the US, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the tickets as it could cause difficulties of meeting Slavic bride, for instance. On average, round-trip tickets will cost you $180–$250 for economy class. If you opt for business class tickets, the price will rise to $500.
  • Accommodation. A room in a nice hotel in Mexico will cost you around $480 for two weeks.
  • Food and restaurants. When in Mexico, you can’t miss the chance to try local dishes. The food isn’t expensive in the country, so it will add around $280 to your budget.
  • Transportation. When it comes to taking a taxi ride in Mexico, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices. On average, travelers spend $196 per 2 weeks.
  • Entertainment for you and your woman. This will cost approximately $480 per 14 days for two people.
Mexican Mail Order Bride Cost
Total Cost:

The final price of a Mexican mail order bride is around $1,700–$2,500. Together with the gifts and flowers, as well as the cost of traveling to Mexico to meet your significant other in person, you can expect to spend between $2,000 and $15,000.

Success Stories

happy mexican woman with western man
Miriam & Jake
Met on LatiDate.com

I came to LatiDate to unwind and maybe meet someone for a relationship. The very next day, Miriam from Mexico City wrote to me. I was immediately impressed by her smile. Very sincere and beautiful. We began to communicate and over time our communication became almost around the clock. I had a lot of fun with her! A month later we met, and six months later we got married. My Miriam is incredibly energetic, she always supports me in any adventure. She is a very light and positive person and enjoys cooking dinners for our friends. I learn from her the ability to accept life as it is.

happy mexican girl with american
Catalina & Ryan
Met on La-Date.com

I didn’t have a goal to meet a girl from Mexico, but I immediately liked Catalina. There were a lot of photos from sports competitions in her profile and I also really like sports. It was very interesting for us to communicate with each other, we also found other points of contact. Over time, I realized that a Mexican girl is exactly what I need. I really like the emotionality and cheerfulness of Catalina. In addition, she knows how to take care of her loved ones and bring special meaning to every action. I am very lucky that I met her on La-Date so quickly. We already had 3 meetings and I plan to develop our relationship.

Single Mexican Ladies: Who They Really Are?

Gorgeous Mexican brides have quite a personality, which some men find extremely attractive and others consider hard to deal with. Therefore, in order to understand whether this woman is for you, let’s have a closer look at her personality.

cute mexican lady on beach

Passionate and Emotional

Most single Mexican girls are extremely passionate about everything they do. Firstly, they simply do not do the things they do not like because they simply don’t see a point in it. Secondly, if they really like something or someone, they are ready to dedicate themselves entirely to that as Brazilian brides do. In terms of relationships, that means that these girls will do their best to make their partner happy, which is actually a dream come true. At the same time, brides from Mexico are particularly emotional, so if you aren’t ready to deal with her emotional breakdowns, then you better go look for another girlfriend. Obviously, those breakdowns happen very rarely, but they do happen and you have to be ready for that.


Another great thing about Mexican mail order brides is their incredible loyalty to their partners. In fact, these ladies usually do not cheat because if they feel stuck or unhappy in a relationship, they either solve the problems or end the relationship. Cheating is never an option for these girls.

Funny and Outgoing

A Mexican lady is pretty sociable as well as has a great sense of humor. This makes her a perfect partner for those men who love attending social events and hang out with their friends. As a rule, this woman is the life of the party, so if you like socializing, partying, or being in the spotlight, this is a perfect girlfriend for you.

pretty mexican bride in top


In case of any problems or difficulties, your Mexican girlfriend is someone you can rely on. As a matter of fact, these women will do anything for their loved ones, like Colombian mail order brides would do, so if she sees that you are struggling with something, she will always help you out. Whether it is taking care of you when you are sick or helping you with your work, she will be there for you.

Sweet and Affectionate

If any of you have already dated a Mexican mail order wife, you probably know that these girls are super sweet and loving. They love spending time with their significant others as well as expressing their feelings through physical touch. So naturally, public display of affection is something these cuties cannot imagine a relationship without. Therefore, if you enjoy cuddling, kissing, and touching hands no matter whether you are in public or not, a Mexican bride is going to be a perfect girlfriend for you.

What Makes Mexican Girls for Marriage so Desirable?

So why do so many men want to date and marry Mexican ladies? For each guy, the reasons can be different, but these 3 things make Mexican women especially irresistible.

  • Stunning looks. With their olive skin, dark and captivating eyes, shiny black hair, and curvy yet delicate figures, Mexican females are some of the prettiest ones in Latin America.
  • Nurturing attitude. Being in a relationship with someone, let alone having a family with him, means only one thing to Mexican girls: they will take care of that lucky man until the end of time. By the way, this belief is also essential among the majority of Asian wives.
  • Fabulous character. A typical woman from Mexico is someone who is fun, unpredictable, and loves various activities, but is also deeply intelligent and always ready to learn.
beautiful mexican bride in hat

Where to Meet Mexican Brides?

If you feel like a Mexican woman for dating is pretty much everything you can dream of but you don’t know where looking for Mexican wife, then we can easily solve your problem. As a matter of fact, today we have a huge variety of Mexican dating sites where you can meet women for both casual online relationships and marriage. The coolest thing about these sites is the fact that you aren’t obliged to anything unless you don’t want it. In other words, you can communicate and flirt with dozens of Mexican mail order brides without taking any responsibilities or being committed to one person. At the same time, if you feel like you are ready for a serious relationship, you can also try to find your love on one of these sites. Everything is possible, and who knows, maybe you will find your soulmate through these services. Therefore, go ahead and sign up now.

Mexican Women Dating Peculiarities

Certainly, international dating is a little challenging due to the cultural misunderstandings you might have with your foreign girlfriend. So in order to avoid having those issues, here are some Mexican dating peculiarities that you should keep in mind:

  • Show your respect for her culture and avoid saying clichés about Mexicans.
  • Be respectful to her.
  • If you feel like your relationship is becoming more serious, meet her parents and introduce her to yours (this one is especially important to Chilean brides).
  • Give her flowers and presents since expressing your feelings by means of gifts is traditional in Mexican courtship.
  • Be honest about your intentions about her right off the bat. Whether it’s a casual or committed relationship, Mexican mail order wives prefer to know what kind of relationship they are getting into.
beautiful mexican bride on vacation

Why Are Mexican Women Looking for Marriage and Want to Marry Western Men?

A typical Mexican lady knows quite a lot about life in the West, and the more she knows, the more she wants to be a part of it. There is no denying the fact that Mexican brides for American men are trying to improve their quality of living by moving abroad for marriage. However, they also do it because they find Western guys to be very attractive and often better than the potential partners they can find at home.

What Do Mail Order Brides From Mexico Expect From Their Boyfriends?

Of course, these gorgeous princesses are dreaming of finding their princes too, which is why they have some demands for their potential partners. So here are the traits of character Mexican girls are looking for in men:

  • Funny
  • Friendly
  • Adventurous
  • Generous
  • Honest
  • Loyal

Where to Find and Meet Mexican Ladies?

Mexico is one of the closest countries to the United States, but a trip to Mexico is hardly the best way to find your ideal woman. Realistically, you can only meet and talk to a few women, which is not enough to make the choice that can potentially change your life. On the other hand, popular dating sites give you an opportunity to meet as many single Mexican women as you’d like. More importantly, those women are specifically looking for Western men to marry, so you can already be on the same page in terms of the future.

3 Tips for Dating a Mexican Beauty

Building a relationship from scratch always requires a lot of effort, let alone when it’s a long-distance relationship that began online. These three tips will help you give a great start to your romance.

  1. Show your creative nature.

    Girls in Mexico like classic romance, but they also like it when men think outside the box and find new and creative ways to impress them.

  2. Other girls shouldn’t exist for you.

    Mexican mail order brides are not exactly known for their jealousy, but the last thing they want to see is you being interested in other women.

  3. Let her know you will take care of her.

    Ultimately, women from Mexico are looking for someone who will take care of them, and that’s exactly what they expect from you.

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Final Word

A gorgeous and passionate Mexican woman is a true queen who can easily mesmerize you with her elaborate beauty. In fact, not only are these women breathtakingly beautiful but also affectionate, loyal, reliable, and funny. These girls are, with no exaggeration, perfect partners.

Whether you have been dreaming about getting a Mexican mail order wife for years or you are now just starting to consider it, there is only one thing left for you to do. Simply choose a dating site that fits your needs and budget, create your account, and meet Mexican ladies for marriage from the comfort of your own living room!


How to find Mexican brides?

Today, every man can meet his ideal partner from Mexico with the help of online dating services. These sites are designed to unite single hearts with beautiful Mexican girls, moreover they provide every user with a comfortable chat to date with charming Mexican women.

What are some of the reasons women in Mexico become “mail order brides?”

Dissatisfaction with local men and difficult living conditions in Mexico are the main reasons why so many Mexican girls dream of marrying a foreign man. Moreover, many young Mexican girls become mail-order brides because they find foreign guys very attractive and handsome.

Why are Mexican mail order brides so popular?

For more than a decade, charming Mexican girls have been attracting more and more men from all over the world. They are not only famous for their exotic beauty but also enchant with their inner positivity, joy, and friendliness.

How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost?

The price of mail order brides from Mexico includes the price of using the online dating service and premium options and a trip to her home country. Membership per month on an online dating site costs from $10 to $100, the price for a romance tour to Mexico varies from $2,000 to $10,000.

How to attract a Mexican woman and make her fall for you?

Make sure that you’re neat and stylish, take care of your grooming, and learn some moves to help a Mexican beauty notice you.

How to date a Mexican girl you’ve met online?

Even if you have a long-distance relationship with a hot Mexican lady you need to give her a lot of attention and compliments. Switch your communication ways and make surprises to keep the spark going.

How to treat a Mexican woman as a foreigner?

Gorgeous Mexican women are very passionate, and the only thing you need to do when you see your woman in a very emotional state—is to keep calm and wait. Hug her, listen to her, and don’t judge her for who she is. She will appreciate that a lot.

How to tell if a Mexican woman likes you for real?

If your girl asks you a lot of questions, wants to get to know your lifestyle and meet your family, she is definitely into you.

What part of Mexico has the most beautiful woman?

If you judge the beauty of the local women based on the winners of the beauty pageants, the most beautiful women in Mexico live in Sinaloa, Jalisco, and Zacatecas.

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