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Beautiful Russian Mail Order Brides. Find True Love Through Online Dating

Russian women have always been the center of interest of a lot of single foreign men. Thousands of men decide to try international dating services or organize a trip to a cold and far-off Eurasian country to see with their own eyes the beauty they always heard about.

How and where to find decent Russian mail order brides? Looking for high-quality sites independently can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have for you an expert selection of top-notch Russian dating websites, popular among local ladies and trustworthy for foreign men.

Best Mail Order 🇷🇺Russian Women Sites For A Serious Relationship

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UkrainianGirl.net is one of the largest dating services on the internet. Being so popular among singles enables UkrainianGirl.net to present their members with many quality matches
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Kiss Russian Beauty
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Whether it’s a strong idea that local women are eager to date people from more developed countries or just their exotic personalities, but Russian ladies don’t lose their popularity. While in old times women from this country were hard to reach and therefore so desired in the minds of foreigners, now Russian dating isn’t such a forbidden fruit as before. Boundaries are more open than at any time before, online dating is flourishing and more women are open-minded and curious about other cultures.

Moreover, most Russian brides are not anymore struggling brides from hard post-soviet times craving to get their golden ticket to another country. They want to find caring and loving husbands who can make reliable and confident life partners and with whom they can build a happy and healthy relationship.

But what exactly are these women like when they are in a couple? How can you recognize typical Russian ladies? Of course, you will be immediately charmed by their alluring pace, feminine features, and mysterious glance of big and beautiful eyes. Thanks to their gorgeous appearances, family values, special approach to dating and being into the idea of discovering other cultures, these women only gain points to their attractiveness and desirability.

Typical features Of Russian Brides & Girls For Dating

Looking at Russian ladies through a Western lens can definitely hint at some differences between local brides and women from your country. While some things can be just a matter of a personality, different education, family and social environment, most gaps lie in the culture. With this, we are going to point out 4 traits that you should know about Russian females.

russian girl

Reliability and the concept of serious dating

Russian wives are some of the most loyal women to marry and unite your life with. Unlike most Western or Latin women, they appreciate not only being the only one and also stick to monogamous patterns themselves. That means that if you are in a serious relationship with your Russian girlfriend, you can be totally calm and confident about her loyalty and true emotions.

Also, Russian dating culture doesn’t usually include a lot of notions that seem familiar to most American people. Casual dating, friends with benefits, or situationship? Well, it doesn’t work so much in Russia. Being “complicated” doesn’t exist too. You are either dating and committed to your relationship or you are not a couple. Obviously, the concept of open relationship is not prevalent in Russian culture too.

Family as the core of Russian society

This is one of the most common stereotypes about Russian women, based on true facts. You will notice how your Russian woman will value what her family thinks, seek approval for her close people about the partner’s choice, how she supports her parents and is always ready to help in the case of difficulty. Marrying Russian mail order brides almost always means getting her family as yours. But the more time you will spend with her friendly, kind, funny, and hospital family (especially in their dachas — summer houses), the happier you will be about choosing her your partner.
Thanks to such a pattern of close ties in the family, a Russian lady will not only take care of her family, but will be willing to create her own. While a lot of modern ladies build their careers and don’t sit at home all the time, yet most single Russian women dream about building a big and friendly family.

Approach to the appearance and general look

When you meet Russian brides for the first time, you will be surprised how different they look. Everything that is supposed to be the main enemy of feminism in Western countries, is highly appreciated in Russia. High heels and dresses that highlight the feminine features, light make-up, and gorgeous hairstyle. They always dress to impress no matter where they go: on a date, to meet friends, or only to go shopping. All these facts are explained by the education of small Russian girls. Their mums always teach them to be beautiful without reasons, well-groomed, take care of their skin, hair, and nails.

Gender roles of Russian ladies

As for gender roles, in Russia, they are much more conservative than any foreign person would expect it. It’s not common that men are involved in house chores or raising children. Man is primarily a breadwinner, head of the family who takes important decisions, provides for the family, and is expected to be able to overcome a lot of challenges. A woman in Russian society is the best support of a man and thanks to her, he is ready to perform feats. However, Russian brides often work and occupy powerful positions in politics and society.

Why do single Russian women want to become mail order brides?

While the biggest stereotype about Russian wives is still alive, in reality, most local women don’t become mail order brides just to escape the life in their country. Ladies from such cities as Moscow and Saint Petersburg live much better than most Western people can imagine. So, the main reason of their desire to date men from abroad is, first of all, the description of Western men who are more respectful, pro-feminist, and open-minded than Russian males.

Another interesting fact you can’t miss out is the proportion of females and males in Russian. According to official statistics, the population of Russia is made up of 54% women and 46% men. While in most Western countries, the proportion is more equal, in this country, lots of ladies are just unable to find their life partners. It explains why so many women are signed-up on online dating services and try to find their luck in dating men outside their country.

Men from all over the globe consider Russian women to be the icons of beauty and femininity. Besides, girls from other Slavic countries like Ukraine and Belarus can also be considered as Russian brides. They are really similar in appearance, mentality, and cultural backgrounds.

You should have heard about the unbelievable charm of girls from these countries at least once. The most interesting fact is that it’s not a myth but genuine truth. Once you meet a Russian lady, you can’t resist the idea of making her a part of your life. Lovely, intelligent, and wonderful, she will easily brighten your life, and transform it into a holiday full of positive emotions and feelings.

Moreover, a lot of single women from Russia prefer dating men from abroad rather than local ones. That’s why mail-order websites are supposed to be the best way to communicate with a Russian girl. And, probably, one day, something great will come out of this.

How to Meet a Russian Mail Order Wives & Girls For Dating

Nowadays, with the development of online dating, meeting a beautiful girl from Russia is not a problem anymore. Especially when a lot of attractive girls are trying their luck on reputable Russian dating sites. Despite the stereotype that some Russian girls don’t do the first steps and aren’t very approachable, on dating websites, you will come across only those women who know very well what they want and how to get it.

Russian woman for marriage

If your aim is a long-term relationship then on Russian online dating platforms you will get what you want. Some Russian girls consider these services the most efficient way to find your couple or a true life partner. To come across a fickle girl is a rare situation. Besides, you are probably wondering what features you can use on the most popular and reliable dating services? The most important functions are:

  • Setting filters for your potential date searching;
  • Looking for a Russian woman for dating;
  • Browsing on the service with the possibility to read a lot of ladies’ descriptions and see their photos;
  • All possible ways of communications;
  • The organization of the romance trip to your lady.

With all these features, using online dating websites is the best way to find your love without wasting time.

How much are Russian brides?

The price of the Russian bride includes a monthly subscription to the online dating site, premium services, and a trip to her home country. The price directly depends on your personal preferences, the chosen site, and services. Overall, mail order brides from Russia cost from $3,000 up to $10,000, including website costs and a romance tour.

Where to buy Russian women for marriage?

Today, you can find many online dating sites that specialize in this region and offer premium services. These online dating sites and services are created specifically to make your searches, chats, and dates with an amazing Russian girl much easier, faster, and more efficient.

What is the divorce rate for Russian mail order brides?

The divorce rate of international couples between Western guys and Russian brides is only 35% and is much lower when compared to the overall United States divorce rate, which is more than 48%. In comparison, the divorce rate in Russia is more than 60%.

Why do American men want Russian ladies?

It’s no secret that Russian girls are very popular and desirable, there are many reasons for this, but the most important thing is that they also dream of an American man. Russian females are becoming one of the most loving and tender wives for foreign men.

Can you really order a Russian bride?

Yes, today Russian girls are very popular, so there are already many dating sites that offer their services and are a great place that not only gives you access to profiles of beautiful Russian females but also gives everyone the opportunity to find their perfect couple and arrange a date.

Why are Russian girls for marriage so popular?

Amazing Russian wives enchant at first sight. Their natural beauty, femininity, and grace make them very attractive to men from all over the world. Combined with great character traits, hard work, and intelligence, it all makes them dream brides for foreign guys.

Final thoughts about Russian mail order brides

Cold at the beginning, but extremely friendly and kind-hearted after becoming close, Russian females open up slowly but it’s worth it. They are ideal wives who support their husbands, respect their desire to be the head of the family, and value their love. Besides, now, when Russia is more open for travelers and a lot of single local ladies register at Russian mail order websites, the chance to find your one and the only is extremely high. So don’t miss out on the best opportunity of your life.

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