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Ukrainian mail order brides have been popular for decades, but why are they so attractive? We decided to collect specific and helpful information with numbers, stories of people and provide a complete guide on where to look for your Ukrainian bride and how much such a treasure ultimately costs.

Best Dating & Ukrainian Mail Order Brides Sites in 2024

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#1 UkraineBrides4you
#2 SofiaDate
#3 UkrainianCharm

Ukrainian brides: Statistics of marriages

We have collected interesting facts about Ukrainian brides to give you an idea of their uniqueness and popularity in the USA.

  • In 2019, 860 Ukrainian women received K-1 visas, the highest among Eastern European countries.
  • About 20-25% of Ukrainian brides marry with children, as evidenced by the number of K-2 visas issued
  • In 2020, the number of K-1 visas issued was 357 due to covid restrictions, but from 2010 to the present, Ukraine along with Ukraine dating sites have been the leaders in popularity among Eastern European countries
  • 24-25 years old—the most common age when Ukrainian brides get married 
  • The percentage of divorces in Ukrainian marriages is slightly more than 3%
ukrainian girl for marriage on beach

The reasons why Ukrainian girls attract Western men are well known: beauty, the openness of views, femininity combined with diligence (by the way, among the Asian region, the most popular are Filipino brides). But it was also essential for us to find out why many Ukrainian brides marry foreign men.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is now in a crisis, both economically and culturally since 2014, and after Russia’s invasion in 2022. The war has changed everything in Ukraine, shocking the life of peaceful women, their children, and their families. This has set aside gender discrimination and the inability to fully develop in all kinds of professions, violence, and social pressure hinting women that their role is family and nothing more. Now women may have other reasons to migrate, choose living conditions and professions. Now they can run away or stay at home, and both of these positions are respected now by the world’s society. And of course, the war Russia has begun also affected dating: there is obviously one way to meet Ukrainian singles right now, and it is online way. Or dating in different countries except for Ukraine itself.

Ukrainian mail order bride detailed cost: How much is your treasure worth?

On the net, you can often find the request “buy Ukrainian bride.” Of course, we are talking about the costs of dating a Ukrainian girl: websites, trips, visas. In this section, we talk in detail about the composition and price of expenses associated with the marriage of a Ukrainian woman.

Popular Ukrainian brides profiles

Alina Profile image 1
Alina Profile image 2
Alina Profile image 3
Alina Profile image 4
Alina Profile image 5
Alina Profile image 6
Alina Profile image 7
Alina Profile image 8
Alina Profile image 9
Alina Profile image 10
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Alina Profile image 12
Alina Profile image 13
Alina Profile image 14
Alina Profile image 15
Alina Profile image 16
Alina Profile image 17
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Alina, 28
Kyiv, Ukraine
From: sofiadate.com
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Tatiana Profile image 3
Tatiana Profile image 4
Tatiana Profile image 5
Tatiana Profile image 6
Tatiana Profile image 7
Tatiana Profile image 8
Tatiana Profile image 9
Tatiana Profile image 10
Tatiana Profile image 11
Tatiana Profile image 12
Tatiana Profile image 13
Tatiana Profile image 14
Tatiana Profile image 15
Tatiana Profile image 16
Tatiana Profile image 17
Tatiana Profile image 18
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Tatiana Profile image 21
Tatiana Profile image 22
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Tatiana, 56
Kropyvnyts’kyy, Ukraine
From: sofiadate.com
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Oksana Profile image 3
Oksana Profile image 4
Oksana Profile image 5
Oksana Profile image 6
Oksana Profile image 7
Oksana Profile image 8
Oksana Profile image 9
Oksana Profile image 10
Oksana Profile image 11
Oksana Profile image 12
Oksana Profile image 13
Oksana Profile image 14
Oksana Profile image 15
Oksana Profile image 16
Oksana Profile image 17
Oksana Profile image 18
Oksana Profile image 19
Oksana Profile image 20
Oksana Profile image 21
Oksana Profile image 22
Oksana Profile image 23
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Oksana, 48
Odessa, Ukraine
From: sofiadate.com
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How much does an online search for a Ukrainian lady cost?

The cost of site services depends on the type of membership, the primary and additional services, the time you want to spend on dating sites, and even the number of girls you plan to chat with. We have analyzed information about the most popular and profitable dating sites for Ukrainian women and provided structured data below.

Sites with membershipSites with credits
SitesUkraineDate.com dating site
RussianCupid.com dating site
BravoDate dating website
UkraineBrides4you dating website
JollyRomance dating website
Price per monthFrom $29.99 to $39.99From $2.99 to $399
Why chooseAdvanced search
Communication through letters
Video chat
Audio calls
Gift delivery

After studying the sites, we found that subscription sites offer a smaller spread in cost and less functionality. Rates on sites with loans depend solely on your desire—you pay only for what you use. The more expensive the package of credits, the more opportunities.

The next stage of expenses is the expenses associated with the meeting. Even if you are a big romantic and are ready to marry a girl without a meeting, you still need to do this because US immigration law provides at least 1 meeting for those who want a K-1 fiancé visa.

ukrainian mail order bride on beach

The most popular and profitable option is to go to Ukraine to visit his future Ukrainian wife. It can be difficult for a girl from Ukraine to get an American visa, but for an American, a visa to Ukraine is not needed, and besides, the country of your future bride is relatively cheap.

  • Round-trip ticket (Washington, the USA–Kyiv)—approximately $750
  • Hotel room—on average, $546
  • Price of a meal for 14 days for two, including three restaurant visits per day—on average, $406
  • Cost of transport for 14 days for one, monthly pass—on average, $13
  • Price of entertainment for 14 days for two—on average, $70
  • The total price—on average, $1,785

*Prices provided according to BudgetYourTrip.com and Numbeo.com 

You may want to arrange a meeting with a future Ukrainian wife in another Ukrainian city or another country. Use the Numbeo website to compare the cost of living in different places.

ukrainian mail order wife in swimsuit

K-1 visa costs for your Ukrainian bride

The third stage of expenses is the cost of a fiancé visa. They include the cost of filing documents, as well as a medical exam for a Ukrainian bride:

  1. Form I-129F submission fee—$535.
  2. Embassy fee. The price is $1,225.
  3. Medical exam. The approximate price range is $60-$300.

The total cost is $1,940.

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After obtaining a K-1 visa, your Ukrainian fiancee can enter the US, and you will have 90 days to get married. By the way, in 2020, the average cost of a wedding in the United States was $19,000, but of course, you can arrange your wedding for any amount. It will not affect the immigration process in any way.

After the wedding, you can apply for a green card for your Ukrainian wife. The permit cost today is $1,225. Here, perhaps, are all the main expenses for a Ukrainian wife that you have to spend.

Success stories of relationships with Ukrainian women

“My name is Michael, and I’m from New York. I’ve always enjoyed living here for its diversity of cultures and views. That’s why I decided to get married, and I chose a Ukraine bride. I was lucky to meet my Ukrainian woman on BravoDate. My beloved Xenia is from Kyiv, and every day my soulmate delights me with her sense of humor and activity. She shares all my hobbies and therefore every weekend is a new adventure. I am also surprised every day by what a smart and caring woman I have. I envy myself.”

“I decided to get married after I built a successful career by the age of 40. I chose a Ukrainian woman because many of my friends are married to Ukrainian women. I was delighted with the beauty of Ukrainian mail order brides and therefore decided that I needed the same. I met Tanya on the UkraineBrides4you website; two months later, we met, and a year later, we got married. I appreciate Tanya for her ongoing care and that she always listens to my desires. I have never met a wiser and more caring woman.”

How to find a Ukrainian bride online

Romantic tours to meet Ukrainian brides were especially popular 10-20 years ago when dating sites were not as popular as now. In the modern world, when the online dating industry is growing every year, this method is no longer so relevant but is still in demand.

Romantic tours always involve the entire trip organization by international marriage agencies and meetings with a large number of Ukrainian mail order wives.

beautiful ukrainian bride on beach

In addition, romantic tours include:

  • Organization of accommodation
  • Help on the spot
  • Selection of parties for your personality
  • Cultural program
  • Translation services
  • Gift delivery services

We analyzed the cost and destinations of romantic tours to mail order wives in Ukraine before Russia has started a war against Ukraine. The most popular destinations in Ukraine were Kyiv, Odesa, and Kharkiv which are now suffering from constant attacks. The current reality doesn’t allow us to share any precise numbers and sums, so we can only provide you with some of the information we’ve found before the Russian invasion. 

The tours are not likely to happen in the near future, obviously, and we can only recommend considering:

  1. Online dating platforms for Ukrainian dating
  2. Dating apps to meet Ukrainian singles in other countries, as many women are currently leaving their home country, saving their lives

Online dating has helped many singles to meet; even those who experienced difficulties leaving their homeland or during migration to other states. In case of Ukraine, it also can work for the Americans who dream about interaction with ladies but understands how challenging it is to meet them in real life now.

ukrainian lady on sand

Pros of online dating

  • On specialized international dating sites, you can meet many Ukrainian women.
  • Single Ukrainian women spend a lot of time creating websites and communicating with men. They are very interested in dating.
  • Online dating is an ideal opportunity to ensure a comfortable search for Ukrainian ladies. At the same time, you will have time to get to know Ukrainian women better.

Cons of online dating

  • You need to invest time in dating Ukrainian women; otherwise, there is no point registering on mail order bride sites.
  • Online communication with Ukrainian women is more productive but at the same time can be tiring.
  • You need to organize a meeting with Ukrainian girls on your own, but it should be noted that trips will cost much less than when buying romantic tours.

Also, we still can share the prices on romance tours we observed several weeks and months ago: we give them for you to see the financial issue clearer, yet no one knows how it can change later, will it be even possible to arrange such tours and how much they will cost.

Examples of specific tours:

  • Kyiv – Kharkiv, 10 days—$3,995
  • Kyiv – Kharkiv – Dnipro – Zaporizhzhia, 17 days—$6,095
  • Kyiv – Kharkiv – Odesa – Mykolaiv, 17 days—$6,195

Thus, a romantic trip to Ukraine to meet Ukrainian brides could cost you an average of 4,000-6,000 dollars.

pretty ukrainian woman in swimsuit

At the same time, we do not recommend meeting Ukrainian brides through romantic tours for all men. Romantic tours have their pros and cons.


  • You have the opportunity to meet a large number of mail order Ukrainian brides.
  • In addition to beautiful Ukraine women, you see the beauty of Ukrainian cities, which is impressive.
  • A marriage agency can help you in all matters.


  • Serious Ukrainian women try to avoid such events. 
  • You will be able to meet Ukrainian women, but you will not have time to get to know them.
  • Covid restrictions bring instability to travel and to party.

How to find your Ukrainian girl? Working instruction

  1. Register on a legitimate Ukrainian dating site, or rather, choose several sites at once to cover as many Ukrainian mail order brides as possible. Select websites with credits if you want to pay only for what you use and sites with a subscription if you are not embarrassed by their small functionality.
  2. Attract the attention of Ukrainian ladies with a well-designed profile. To do this, answer briefly but specifically to the questions in the profile, use all the tags, fill out the self-description section. We found that female members of dating sites want to see the religious views and the type of relationship men are looking for. The ideal bio includes 3-5 sentences highlighting your personality and best sides.
  3. Add 3-10 photos to your profile. Use high-quality images that were taken within the last two years. It is advisable to combine full-length photographs and portraits. Women often note that it is photographs that give an idea of ​​the lifestyle and status of men.
  4. Divide search filters into essential and less important. Remember that if you are too picky, the search can be delayed. At the same time, altogether abandoning your preferences is a path to misfortune.
  5. Meet and keep in touch with 2-3 Ukrainian ladies simultaneously. If you communicate with only one, then you can lose time. Communication with more than 3 Ukrainian wives can lead to burnout.
  6. Keep in touch with your beautiful Ukrainian mail order wives. Remember that Ukrainian wives, like everyone else, love attention and want to understand that your communication leads to something more. Use virtual and real gifts to show your sympathy to beautiful Ukrainian brides, and don’t delay the meeting with your Ukrainian lady.

Like other Russian brides for marriage, Ukrainian women want to love someone and be loved. So take your soulmate seriously, treat with understanding and respect, and surround with love. Then, she won’t be able to resist your charm!

The opinion of dating experts about Ukrainian brides

“Ukrainian girls and American men are almost a perfect match because both sides look for almost the same thing in marriage. A man sees a family-oriented, influenced by Western European girls for marriage and their culture, educated woman next to him, and a Ukrainian woman wants to see a reliable, hard-working man next to her. It is sometimes difficult for girls to find a mate in Ukraine because women do not always trust Ukrainian men. It is due to the high levels of violence in Ukraine. Almost half of the women in the country have experienced violence at some time. In addition, Ukrainian women have a higher education level than local men.”

“In my experience, American men most often choose Ukrainian women after one or more failed marriages to American women. They understand that they are tired of excessive feminism and want to see an understanding, calm woman next to them. Ukrainian women have experienced many crises and therefore gratefully perceive the love and support of Western men.”

Ukrainian brides scams 

  • Romantic scam brings more losses than any other
  • Romantic scam victims lost $201 million in 2019
  • Romantic scam losses up 40% in 2019 compared to 2018
  • Romantic scam losses hit $304 million in 2020
  • There has been a significant rise in gift card scams
  • Many victims transferred their money to scammers on their own

*Statistics provided according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The Internet removes the distance between people, and at the same time, due to the physical distance from each other, scammers have the opportunity to act slowly and accurately. We’ve gone over the main romantic scams with Ukrainian women to tell you how to recognize them and protect yourself from them.

  1. Fraud with payment cards. The FBI believes that if a person asks you for bank account information to transfer money to you, this is a reason to suspect him of fraud. We might add that it is especially suspicious when a girl does this at the beginning of an acquaintance when the relationship has not yet been established. To avoid this type of fraud, we also advise you to register on reliable, trusted online dating sites and carefully read the rules for debiting money for a subscription or service.
  2. “I need money.” This method is as old as the world, but at the same time, it works. The scammer ingratiates himself with the victim. When she already knows “everything” about him, he says that he needs money for an urgent operation, help for a relative, or something else critical. You need to understand that you are only Internet acquaintances, and it is entirely illogical to ask for money from your virtual interlocutor. Keep common sense so as not to drown in feelings. If a Ukrainian girl asks you for money, type in Google “asks for money for …” and you will see many similar stories. Nowadays, Ukrainian females want to achieve their goals the same Czech brides do and make great professionals in many areas of life.
  3. Blackmail. A very nasty scam. It is related to a scammer gaining access to your personal information and asking for money to keep it secret. If you believe you have met a scammer, please report it to the dating platform administrator and the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov. Notify the website or app where you met the scammer, too.

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Ukrainian mail order brides: Your option or not

A Ukrainian woman will suit a man who enjoys traditional patriarchal relationships and is ready to take responsibility for his family. If you need a smart and exciting partner, a Ukrainian woman will also suit you. In Ukraine women are also demanding because they know their own worth, and this trait is very essential among Latino wives. Ukraine women are not suitable for men who are adherents of feminism and want to build partnerships in absolutely everything.


What are Ukrainian women like in real life?

Real Ukrainian women are incredibly beautiful and sexy. They are also kind, generous, caring, and are ready to sacrifice a lot for their families and true love.

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?

The beauty of Ukrainian women is a combination of Slavic genes and constant striving for perfection. Ukrainian ladies care a lot about their appearance and you won’t catch a Ukrainian not looking her best.

Why are there so many single women in the Ukraine?

Demographic imbalance in older generations is the main reason why many Ukrainian beauties are single. There are fewer men to choose from.

How to marry a woman from Ukraine legally?

There are 2 ways to legally marry a Ukrainian. You can get married in the US after obtaining a K1 visa. Or you can tie the knot in Ukraine and apply for a K3 visa.

How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you for real?

When a Ukrainian woman is in love, she showers her man with care and attention. And naturally, she usually wants to look the best and be the best for her man, so if you see your girl each time dressed perfectly—she’s into you.

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