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There may not be as many Indian mail order wives online as there are some other Asian women, but Indian ladies still enjoy a steady and loyal following among Western men. Here is everything you need to know about them, plus a list of dating sites that are perfect for meeting Indian brides.

Best Dating & Indian Mail Order Brides Sites in 2024

Rank Site Trial Link
#1 SakuraDate
#2 TheLuckyDate
#3 Eastern Honeys

In 2019, 789 women from India entered the United States on a K-1 visa, while in 2010, 834 of them did the same. The decline in the numbers can be linked to more complicated US immigration policies, while Indian mail order brides remain as attractive as ever.

pretty indian girl in top

3 reasons to choose Indian wives

If you’ve never considered Indian women as potential dating or marriage partners, here are three of their best features that will change your mind.

  • Beauty. Women in India, with their tanned skin, big eyes, and athletic bodies, look nothing like a typical Asian bride, but that’s exactly what makes them stand out.
  • Sincerity. An Indian wife always tells everything like it is and the thought of concealing something from her partner, no matter how small it is, will never cross her mind.
  • Unique values. A typical woman in India wants to be a wife, a mother, a friend, an employee, a master of chores, and a well-rounded personality, and she won’t settle for less.

How much does the whole experience typically cost?

Signing up for a popular dating site with Indian singles is usually free, but being a member and using different communication features usually isn’t. Those dating site expenses, along with the gifts and flowers you will likely send to your bride, as well as plane tickets, accommodations, and visa to see the lady in real life for the first time, can cost you from $2,000 to $15,000, depending on several factors, such as the amount of time it takes you to meet your significant other.

Popular Indian brides profiles

Miksha Profile image 1
Miksha Profile image 2
Miksha Profile image 3
Miksha Profile image 4
Miksha has more photos!
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Miksha, 25
Jaipur, India
From: theluckydate.com
Trisha Profile image 1
Trisha Profile image 2
Trisha Profile image 3
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Trisha, 22
Kolkata, India
From: theluckydate.com
Eshita Profile image 1
Eshita Profile image 2
Eshita Profile image 3
Eshita has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Eshita, 27
Jaipur, India
From: theluckydate.com

What inspires Indian women to look for Western husbands?

It’s not a secret that India can be a challenging country to live in, especially for young women from humble backgrounds. For the same reason, Chinese ladies for marriage become mail order brides. A desire to get a peaceful, comfortable life where they are respected and listened to is one of the reasons why Indian women for marriage become mail order brides. However, it’s not the only one. They are also drawn to the image of a Western man and often find it to be more attractive than a typical guy from their own country.

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Currently, the legal age for marriage in India for girls is 18 years. Nevertheless, in the last year, Narendra Modi constituted a proposal of increasing the marriage age from 18 to 21, and now the government has to examine it. The state is given enough time to do the groundwork and gradually integrate the new rule. Besides, there’s a committee in the country that makes sure the daughters aren’t suffering from malnutrition. Once the report is submitted, it will take action in case females are married at the wrong age. Also, marrying at 21 is more beneficial for women’s health.

Where to look for an Indian wife when you’re a foreigner?

India is a country with a fascinating history and complex present that is definitely worth a visit. However, going to India to meet Indian mail order brides is hardly the best idea. With so many major cities, challenging environment, and safety concerns, your trip can be very different from your expectations in compare with trip to your Korean bride, for instance. Luckily, there is an easy, safe, and budget-friendly way to meet Indian girls for marriage. It’s known as online dating and it’s available to every single individual in the world with an internet access and a bit of time.

When meeting Indian girls, make sure to follow the tips below:

  • Look for groups and chats where there are many representatives of the Indian community.
  • Use dating websites because they allow for meeting women from all over the world, including India.
  • Make a good first impression and be confident.
  • Get to know her friends better because they can share useful information about your lover and help you win her heart.
  • Find out about her interests and see what you have in common. For example, the majority of Japanese wives love to spare time with their soulmates.
  • Make sure she feels comfortable around you, and when asking her on dates, offer to pick her up.
  • Don’t rush things and give her time.
beautiful indian bride in swimsuit

How to get your relationship with an Indian bride off to a good start

While you are still communicating with your Indian mail order wife online, you still need to invest a lot of effort into developing your relationship and getting it closer to your ultimate goal, which is marriage. Here are the top 3 tips to help you.

  • Make her feel special. An Indian mail order bride will instantly find the prospect of a relationship with you to be more attractive when she knows she’s the only woman in the world for you (by the way, this is very common among Latin wives).
  • Watch your language and humor. There is no language barrier to expect with Indian brides, but their sense of humor and tolerance levels are different from what Western women are like.
  • Talk about your plans for the future. When dating an Indian woman, it’s important to not only enjoy the present, but also show her that you see a future with her.

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Bottom line

Getting a bride from India as a life partner means you can spend a lifetime with the most understanding, loyal, and smart woman you’ve ever met. Don’t deny yourself a chance to be happy — start your journey to find Indian wife today!

Indian women in the details

Indian girls are rather sophisticated and pretty often hard to understand, especially for those who don’t have any experience in communication with these women. Therefore, before you start chatting with these girls, you have to figure out their national character and personality. So here are some traits of an Indian woman’s character that you should know.


Indian women are super friendly and by ‘friendly’ we mean real friendly. In fact, this woman might know you for only a couple of hours but it will not stop her from sharing some really personal stuff with you. The thing is these girls belong to a collective culture, and they are used to living in a close community where everyone shares everything with the entire community. This is why these girls don’t think that sharing their deepest secrets on the first date might be odd for other people. Moreover, these women are particularly trusting and, if somebody is friendly with them, they already can call this person a bosom friend.

Indian girls love physical touch

If you have ever talked to a person from India, you might have noticed that Indians tend to approach the person they talk to very closely as well as frequently touching them. Some people might find this kind of behavior inappropriate but for Indian people, it’s okay to be that close with other people even if it is a stranger. So naturally, Indian women love physical touch, and they use every single opportunity to touch, hug, or kiss their significant others. Therefore, if you are looking for a partner who would enjoy physical touch just as much as you do, an Indian woman is perfect for you.

Charmingly shy

Another trait of character that makes Indian beauties so charming is their shyness. The thing is, unlike in Western countries, talking about such private things as sex is considered inappropriate in India. This is why it’s very easy to make an Indian girl blush while flirting with her and this makes these women extremely charming.


If you are looking for a loyal partner who will never betray you, then there is no better option than an Indian woman from Chandigarh. Out of deep love and respect, these women stay faithful to the end and this is a quality, not every woman has.

Easygoing and funny

Finally, Indian girls are pretty easygoing, which makes communication with them delightful and playful. As a matter of fact, these girls have some sort of intuition that allows them to find the right approach to everyone as well as makes them super easy to deal with. In addition to that, these ladies have an excellent sense of humor, which makes them fun to be around. Therefore, if you need an easygoing girlfriend, this woman is going to be perfect for you.

What you need to know about Indian dating

Due to cultural differences, wooing an Indian lady is going to be a little different from wooing a Western woman. So while hanging out with an Indian girl you should follow these basic rules:

  • Avoid talking about politics.
  • Do not make any jokes about India, Indians, Indian culture and traditions.
  • Show her that you are interested in learning more about her culture.
  • If you are going on an actual date with an Indian woman, you are expected to pay.
  • Many Indian people are vegetarians or do not eat beef, so taking her to a steakhouse for a date is not a good idea.

What does an Indian wife expect from a man?

Of course, Indian ladies have some demands for their potential partners too. So here are some traits of character these women value in men:

  • Openness and ability to share
  • Generosity
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Good sense of humor
  • Easy attitude to life

How to find Indian girls?

Now since you already know everything about these women’s national character, you may be interested in meeting these sophisticated beauties and finding out where to find Indian girls. Luckily, today we have a huge variety of dating services that allow anyone to find the girl of their dreams.

As a matter of fact, online dating is perfect for those of you who aren’t ready for serious relationships yet and simply want a casual fling with a hot foreign woman. At the same time, love is unpredictable, and who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to find your soulmate on one of those sites. Therefore, do not hesitate — head to Indian dating sites and meet thousands of gorgeous Indian women today.

India is a wealthy area. It can be pleased with her civilization, a respected purpose with modern world state policies, all natural items, etc . Among several money, ladies of India remain the most precious. They are really gorgeous, sensitive, magnificent, and beautiful. The combination of pure beauty and excellent vibrant halloween costumes make every one of the guys desire going out with and getting married to these.

This kind of put up will let you realize why Indian women is usually perfect gals. You will comprehend any peculiarities health of their thinking process and uncover a lot of tips concerning the art of attractive force connected with an American indian girl.


How Indian brides work?

Many young Indian girls dream of finding their partner abroad. Because of this, young singles from India register on mail order bride agencies and online dating sites, create and verify their profiles. After all of these steps, they can start their searches for an ideal soulmate online.

How to attract Indian mail order bride?

To attract a bride from India? You need to show that your feelings are genuine and you come with serious intentions, and you are obliged to meet her parents as they make the final decision if you can join their family in most cases.

Where to find an Indian bride?

Today, you can easily find beautiful Indian girls on online dating sites and mail order bride services. These sites and agencies help millions of singles find, meet, and date their sweethearts from India and make the entire process of searches much easier and faster.

How to tell if Indian girl likes you or not?

You can be sure that an Indian lady is into you if she wants to get to know you and your world and, even more important, is not afraid to bring you into hers and reveal your relationship to her family.

Why are Indian mail order brides so popular?

Stunning Indian brides have a very special charm around them that sets them apart from other women. Their exotic beauty, feminine curves, petite figures, spicy character traits, and mysteriousness have already amazed thousands of men from all over the world.

How to flirt with Indian women as a foreigner?

A lot of Indian singles love romance as in modern Bollywood movies. Make an effort to get to know your girl and forget about old and annoying pick-up lines.

How much do Indian mail order brides cost?

The price of Indian mail order brides varies depending on your own preferences. The approximate price for membership per month on mail order bride agency is $100. Also, the total price includes the travel expenses, which are nearly $10,000.

Why are there so many Indian brides?

The main reason why so many Indian brides use marriage agencies is that they want to marry a foreigner. They are not satisfied with local guys and strict rules in their home country and dream of finding a foreign husband, who will respect them and take care of them.

How to meet Indian bride online safely?

You have two options if you want to meet gorgeous Indian singles: traveling to India and meeting a potential bride in real life or registering on a specialized dating site.

How to date Indian bride in 2024?

Exploring Indian culture and treating it with high respect and tolerance is essential for a happy relationship with an Indian woman. Note that courting rules in India differ from Western ones.

Final word

Beautiful, sophisticated, charming, easygoing, and loyal, Indian women are perfect without exaggeration. These ladies are super easy to deal with as well as know how to find the right approach to anyone. In fact, Indian beauties do know how to make a man happy, so a relationship with such a woman is definitely going to be exciting and a lot of fun. Therefore, if you are dreaming of a gorgeous Indian princess who would make all your dreams come true, leave all your fears and doubts behind, sign up on a dating platform, and meet your princess today.

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