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Women from Japan can offer single Western guys an unforgettable online dating experience. There are thousands, if not millions of beautiful and loyal ladies from Japan who are eager to build serious and committed online relationships that can easily transform into happy and long-term family communication. Find out what makes Japanese brides so irresistible and how to get your own life partner from Japan using one of these popular international dating sites.

Best Dating & Japanese Mail Order Brides Sites in 2023

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#1 SakuraDate
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Japanese mail order brides are popular among American men for many reasons. Some prefer Japanese dating because it offers a great chance to meet a loyal and intelligent woman, while others simply cannot withstand the beauty of Japanese girls.

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While the popularity of some foreign women for marriage may come and go, Japanese mail order wives remain steadily popular among Western guys. In 2019 alone, 541 Japanese females immigrated to the US, whereas in 2010, that number was only 508. Still, dating a Japanese woman is going to help you learn new things about Japan, become more aware of spiritual aspects of relationships, and obtain enjoyable emotions and experiences.

Who is a Japanese mail order bride?

A Japanese mail order bride is called a woman who seeks a dating experience with a foreign man, usually from Western countries. Online dating services are incredibly popular nowadays, which is why it is possible to find thousands of Japanese girls on numerous dating sites. There are many decent Japanese dating sites that can offer you high-quality communication. These platforms will make sure that you find a perfect Japanese mail order bride, or any among Asian women for marriage.

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To be honest, there is nothing special about being a mail order bride. Girls who use online dating are not unique – they are just like other women from this country, except for the fact that they strive to look for a partner through online dating. Do not expect something supernatural and treat your online date from Japan as you would a woman with whom you have a real-life date!

What are the costs of meeting a bride from Japan?

When searching for a Japanese mail order wife online, you typically need to pay for a website membership, extra communication features, gifts and flowers delivered to your sweetheart, and, eventually, your first meeting in real life. Overall, you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $15,000 for approximately 6 months of search.

Popular Japanese brides profiles

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Jun, 26
Yokohama, Japan
From: theluckydate.com
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Ichika, 20
Osaka, Japan
From: theluckydate.com
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Liping, 21
Kawasaki, Japan
From: theluckydate.com

Why are Japanese women so popular and appealing in online dating?

The reason there are so many guys looking for a Japanese wife is obvious – women from this country are ideal for online communication. If you want to find out about the appeal of mail order Japanese brides, you can do it here!


What makes your online dating with a Japanese woman special is that she will be very charming and communicative. Interacting with a Japanese bride is very enjoyable the same with Korean mail order wife it is. Japanese mail order brides are so cute that there is a term kawaii, which is the culture of cuteness in Japan.


Dating a woman online requires you to communicate with her a lot. And you can expect your lady to be very smart and broad-minded. Of course, not all brides would be able to discuss some complex engineering or political topics, but you can be sure that there will be a few interesting subjects to discuss!

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The majority of men who use online dating want to find a loyal woman to build serious relationships with. Loyalty in relationships is one of the fundamental qualities of Japanese and Chinese culture. You can be sure that your woman is going to be loyal to you.


Lastly, it is essential to mention a few words about how beautiful Japanese girls are. Even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, women from this country are stunningly beautiful. What makes them unique is the fact that their beauty is subtle. Again, the concept of kawaii is strongly intertwined with the beauty standards in Japan, which is why many girls try to look as cute as possible.

Success stories

happy japanese woman with western man

Azumi & Frank

I’ve always been interested in trying a relationship with a Japanese woman. I have long been interested in Japanese culture, studied the language, and it’s time to look for love in this country. I looked at many profiles of girls, but none of them touched me, except for my Azumi. We met with her two weeks later and got married a year later. I’m very impressed with what a great family manager she is, how she distributes expenses and organizes our rest and life. We plan to have a baby soon, and I am happy that she wants to devote herself to motherhood for the next 3 years. Of course, she is constantly learning something new, but her real priority is the family, and I am very happy about it.

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happy japanese girl with american

Mike & Asuka

I met Asuka three months ago. I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I just wanted to combine travel with love. I sent her a like on the very first day of being on the site, and we immediately began a correspondence. Asuka turned out to be a very educated girl, she told me a lot about her family and her child. At first, I was frightened that she had a child, but when I saw how she communicated with him during our meeting, I realized that she would communicate with our child in the same way. I saw so much femininity, attention to detail, and love for her child that I was impressed. I also liked Asuka’s restraint. She never allows herself to cry or anything more. With her, I always feel at ease and relaxed.

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What makes Japanese wives stand out?

Japanese girls for marriage are some of the most widely discussed and coveted women among Western men. There are many reasons why they are so popular, but these are the top 3 ones:

  • Great looks. There is a reason why Japanese ladies are known internationally for their beauty and style: it’s completely unique and Japanese women look incredibly attractive.
  • Fascinating personality. You can spend ages talking to a Japanese wife, just the way it is with a Chinese girl for marriage, and never get tired or bored with it even for one second.
  • Ambitious nature. Japanese beauties make excellent wives and mothers, but they also see themselves as much more than that, and they have the strength to achieve it.
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Why are Japanese brides drawn to Western men?

If you know anything about Japan, you also know that this country is very well-off and developed both culturally and socially. At the same time, like brides of India, women in Japan are unhappy about several aspects of living in their home country, including the fact that women are expected to work for 50+ hours a week. Plus, men in Japan are more focused on their work than on their relationships, which is unacceptable to Japanese women for marriage. This is not something Japanese mail order brides are ready to accept, and they believe that by marrying a Western guy, they will get a perfectly balanced relationship with a man who appreciates them.

Where to meet a Japanese mail order bride as a foreigner?

As people living in the 21st century, we have virtually unlimited options when it comes to traveling and meeting new people. But while a trip to Japan can often turn out to be life-changing, it’s far from being the most effective and budget-friendly way to meet Japanese girls for marriage. Online dating, on the other hand, introduces you to countless Japanese singles at once and allows you to develop the relationship the way you want it to progress, whether you have online flirting, dating, or marriage on your mind.

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How to meet Japanese girls? The best places are the following:

  • Japanese women often go to bars and restaurants, as well as various social events. You can meet your soulmate there, and if this is a specific event, like a concert, you can be sure that you already have something in common.
  • You can join a club or take up a hobby. For example, if you like sports or gardening, you can easily meet a great Japanese girl there. By the way, those are favorites of Latino wives.
  • Register on the specialized dating website. There are plenty of such platforms, and they’re convenient because if you aren’t confident in your Japanese, online communication makes everything easier.

How to make your first date with Japanese mail order brides special

Whether you want to keep your relationship online for some time or you are ready to take it to the next level, you will need to research some dating tips that are exclusive to Japanese dating environment. These three are a good place to start.

  • Show a genuine interest in her culture. Japanese brides love talking about their background and sharing their culture with someone they like as much as mail order brides from Eastern Europe do, because their customs are sacred to them.
  • Be romantic, but not cheesy. Romance is incredibly important to women in Japan, but they draw the line at men being cheesy and unimaginative.
  • Prove yourself to be a great listener. Sharing stories about your own family and culture is important, but you also need to ask questions and remember her answers.
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How does Japanese dating work?

Even though a lot of people do not know how online dating works and think of it as something overly-complicated, we can assure you that it is a rather simple process. What is great about online dating is that it does not limit you to communicate merely online. Some of your dates will be eager to become your Japanese wife in real life after a couple of real-life dates. Now, let’s take a look at how Japanese dating works!

  1. Sign up and create a profile. Spend some time improving your profile as it has to be appealing and informative. Make sure that your profile image is decent and high-quality.
  2. Learn how to use your chosen site. Find out whether your platform has a matchmaking option, a searching tool, and any other features that can help you find a suitable partner.
  3. Search for a Japanese bride. Depending on your preferences, look for girls who are active on the site and send them a message.
  4. Continue communication with brides who are interesting to you.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult or challenging about Japanese dating. Even if you have no experience, you will figure out everything quickly.

Dating Japanese ladies – how to be successful?

If you want to be successful with a Japanese woman, you need to understand a few things. First, dating culture in Japan is different from dating culture in the United States or other Western countries. Usually, relationships are taken slowly in Asian countries. Although it is a very common stereotype that all Asian women are submissive and too shy, some girls may act in such a way, which is why you need to be ready for such communication, especially if this is bride from Vietnam.

How to know if a Japanese girl likes you? Look out for the following signs:

  • She gets closer to you, touches your hands when she’s talking, and turns her body to you.
  • A Japanese girl whispers in your ear when you’re in a loud place and doesn’t step back if you are close to her when you’re walking the street.
  • She happily accepts your offer to go on a date or gives you clues by saying something like, “I’d love to go to that restaurant.”
  • When in a group of people, a Japanese woman looks at you when she’s laughing, or you notice her glancing at you from time to time.

There is no ultimate guide on how to be successful in a relationship with a Japanese mail order bride. Be honest, open-minded, and enjoy every single date. Make sure that your profile is descriptive enough and try to establish a unique and personal bond with every Japanese bride you have a date with. To be successful, you have to be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else or make up stories to look cooler. It will not work!

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How to find a Japanese wife online?

Today, one of the most effective approaches to finding a Japanese mail order bride is using dating sites and marriage agencies. Every member on such a platform gets full access to the database of single Japanese girls and with the search parameters, will easily find his perfect match.

Why are Japanese mail order brides so popular?

There is no argument that Japanese females are extremely beautiful, their doll appearance, thin and petite figures attract men’s part of the world for decades. Japanese women for marriage have all those unique traits that make them ideal spouses for foreign men.

How much do Japanese brides cost?

Japanese mail order brides are real girls, who crave excitement and new experiences and dream of finding and dating a foreign man. Young Japanese girls register on mail order bride agencies and list themselves in the catalog to meet their true love abroad.

Why are there so many Japanese mail order wives?

Japan is a leading country in the world, but many girls from Japan dream of a relationship with a foreign man and moving to another country. They register on online dating sites because they find foreign guys very attractive, but still love plays a huge part in their decision.

How to meet Japanese women as a foreign men?

If you are abroad, the easiest way to connect to many Japanese singles is through dating sites that specialize in Japanese or Asian women.

How to talk to Japanese girl to make her fall for you?

Regardless of whether you are talking online or IRL, don’t overcomplicate your sentences if you want your gorgeous Japanese lady to understand you correctly. Also, be respectful and make subtle hints that you like the girl.

How to date a Japanese girl?

Dating a woman from Japan, you need to explore local culture and traditions to understand your partner better. For example, Japanese ladies aren’t very talkative, which sometimes can be misread as a lack of interest.

What are Japanese women like in real life?

Real Japanese girls are very attractive and seem effortlessly beautiful. They have porcelain skin and very sophisticated features that make them look like elegant goddesses. Also, ladies from Japan are naturally quite petite.

How to know if a Japanese girl likes you or not?

There are some signs that a Japanese girl likes you: she initiates conversation, replies promptly, asks a lot of questions. But don’t overthink it, as some prefer to keep a distance before they trust you.

Bottom line

A Japanese mail order wife is a great life companion if you are not scared of a few cultural differences and are ready for absolute commitment. There are thousands of single Japanese ladies who are very interested in meeting foreign guys, so if a Japanese girlfriend is who you need, all you have to do is pick the right dating site, spend some time on your profile, and actively look for your matches.

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