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If you think that finding a real date online is hard, you are mistaken, since Korean brides are very popular among Americans. In 2019, there were over 480 girls who met husbands in the United States, while in 2010 there were almost the same—482 girls. Learn how to find a perfect Korean mail order wife by checking out our rating of top dating sites!

Best Dating & Korean Mail Order Brides Sites in 2024

Rank Site Trial Link
#1 SakuraDate
#2 TheLuckyDate
#3 Eastern Honeys

Nowadays, Asian women are extremely popular among Western men for a variety of reasons. While some men are dreaming of dating someone who resembles their favorite female manga characters, others simply appreciate the sophisticated beauty of Korean mail order brides.

pretty korean bride smiling

Why choose Korean mail order brides?

Starting a relationship with a girl from this country is simple and quick. First, Korean girls for marriage are very online-oriented, which means that you can have a strong and long-term relationship online. Secondly, these ladies for marriage follow the most strict beauty standards, so you can expect a lot of exceptionally beautiful brides. It is also worth stating that Korean women for marriage are progressive and modern. They are looking for a man with modern values who knows how to take care of a lady. Whether you are looking for a family-oriented partner or a woman who will pursue her educational or professional goals, you can be sure that she will make you the happiest man alive!

How much does a Korean mail order bride cost?

You don’t buy a woman per se, you just pay for communication! On average, the cost is significantly lower than the amount of money that you would pay for a date in real life. While each site has its own price list, the average price would be around $30-80 per month. Some sites offer higher prices, but on average you can expect to have a proper online dating experience for around $100.

Popular Korean brides profiles

Soo Yun Profile image 1
Soo Yun Profile image 2
Soo Yun Profile image 3
Soo Yun Profile image 4
Soo Yun Profile image 5
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Soo Yun, 18
Daejeon, Korea
From: theluckydate.com
Chae-Won Profile image 1
Chae-Won Profile image 2
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Chae-Won, 27
Busan, Korea
From: theluckydate.com
Binna Profile image 1
Binna Profile image 2
Binna Profile image 3
Binna Profile image 4
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Binna, 28
Seoul, Korea
From: theluckydate.com

What are Korean girls like?

In fact, Asian brides for marriage, in particular Korean singles, do look stunning. Meeting Korean girls, you’ll find out they have beautiful fair skin, long black hair, and petite physique — these make females extremely attractive to many men. At the same time, it’s not only the physical appearance that makes these beautiful ladies so popular among Americans and Western Europeans. Korean girls’ charming timidity and easygoing temper make them incredibly appealing for those men who want a peaceful and healthy relationship, be it online or offline.

pretty korean girl in kitchen

Like Indian mail order brides these girls will always support their significant other as well as do everything they can for them. So while Korean dating culture is a little different from Western, international dating with such a woman is going to be a blessing.

As you can see, a Korean bride is pretty much everything you can dream of. Gorgeous, timid, and simply awesome, this girl is a perfect partner for the majority of Western men. You can see for yourself by visiting one of the best dating sites, where you can meet Korean girl online. However, in order to understand whether such a woman is suitable for you as a wife or a long-distance girlfriend, we’ll take a closer look at her personality and national character. So without further ado, let us start.

Single Korean women have a distinct national character that, obviously, has an impact on their love life. So we are going to take a look at some of the Korean brides’ character traits that make them stand out among other women.

Intelligent and educated

If you are looking for an intelligent girlfriend, then a Korean woman is no doubt the way to go for you. As a matter of fact, the majority of women in Korea have an excellent education, which allows them to build successful careers as Japanese brides do.

beautiful korean woman in underwear

Moreover, Korean mail order brides can speak on a huge variety of serious topics, including the economy, politics, environmental crisis, social problems, and many more. Furthermore, your Korean girlfriend will teach you a lot of stuff you didn’t know before. So if you feel like a well-educated and smart woman is a perfect match for you, you definitely want to try dating Korean women.

Reserved and introverted

It probably wouldn’t be a surprise if we tell you that Korean girls are reserved and introverted. In fact, this is one of the most common distinctive features of these women as well as Koreans in general. Reserved by nature, Korean ladies tend to keep all the emotions inside. You probably will not ever see your girlfriend hysterically crying or laughing out loud since their emotions are very subtle.

On one hand, it’s a great trait of character simply because your woman will not make any drama out of nonsense and you can easily avoid pointless arguments and fights. On the other hand, sometimes it’s very hard to figure out what this woman actually thinks about a particular situation, which may lead to some misunderstandings. This very quality does make Korean women rather hard to understand, however, if you find the right approach to your girlfriend, she will no doubt share her thoughts and feelings with you.

beautiful korean bride shy

Self-conscious about their appearance

Many Korean girls and Chinese mail order wives, for instance, are extremely self-conscious about their beauty. These girls spend hours in the gym and make a bunch of cosmetic procedures. Certainly, such an attitude to their appearance makes these ladies look simply stunning at any age. At the same time, some girls really struggle with the perception of their body, which results in them going under the knife.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all the Korean girls are mad about plastic surgeries and do all that crazy stuff with their bodies. But pretty much all the Korean girls care about the way they look and do their best in order to stay young and beautiful as long as possible.


Raised in a patriarchal society, Korean singles are extremely respectful of the senior members of their family or community as well as their partners. A Korean wife will never humiliate her husband in public just because she wants to payback for anything. No matter how disappointed or angry this woman might be with her spouse, she will still treat him with respect.


Last but not least, Korean brides are incredibly loyal partners. These women take their relationships seriously and do not risk their happily ever after for short-term flings the same Vietnamese wives do. In fact, this is a partner you can be sure of, so if you want to find a girlfriend who will never betray you, dating Korean girls is something you surely want to try.

korean mail order bride in underwear

What is dating Korean women like?

How to date a Korean woman? Korean girls dating culture is slightly different from the Western one, this is why you need to know some tips and tricks that will help you to meet Korean girl and not to ruin a relationship with her. So here are the tips you want to keep in mind, if you’ve decided to find Korean girlfriend:

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your emotions and feelings because it’s important for Korean girls to show everyone around that they’re in happy relationships. By the way, this feature is a must if you’re interested in Latin brides.
  • Treat her like a princess. Give her the coat when she’s cold, open the doors for her, and walk her home after the date.
  • Don’t be surprised when you receive a lot of messages throughout the day because it’s important for Korean women to stay in touch with their lovers all the time.
  • Bring her flowers and gifts. That’s the best way to show that you’re interested in a woman.
  • Avoid number four since Koreans are rather superstitious about it
  • Pay for your girlfriend on dates to show her your politeness
  • Forget about PDA because it’s unacceptable for these ladies
  • Take things slowly, these women do not like the rush
  • Be yourself since nobody likes fake people

Why do Korean brides seek Western men?

Korea is an incredibly progressive and developed country, so it is rather understandable why so many girls are looking for a chance to have a husband from the United States. These ladies are interested in American culture, although not as much as Japanese girls, but you can be sure that your bride won’t get bored with you! Also, a lot of young and single girls from this country know that there are millions of single guys who are looking for serious relationships.

How to know if a Korean girl likes you? Here are the signs to look for:

  • She becomes shy and quieter than usual. When a Korean woman has a crush on someone, she blushes easily, speaks quietly and with an elevated pitch to impress the man.
  • She is interested in the same things as you. If you like football and she never talked about it before but started showing interest in it, this is a clear sign she’s into you.
  • She tries to get your attention. In this case, mail order brides from Eastern Europe could do for you quite a performance!
  • She’s nervous when you’re around.
  • She carefully listens to everything you’re talking about.
  • She responds to your texts right away.

What do Korean ladies expect from their partners?

Of course, Korean beauties have some requirements for their partners too. So, here are some Korean girlfriend tips, that wil help you understand the qualities these women value in men:

  • Patience
  • Readiness for commitment
  • Generosity
  • Respect for her and her culture
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty

How to meet Korean girls?

Everything is exceptionally simple and convenient. The whole process of finding and meeting Korean mail order brides revolves around online dating websites. To use those platforms, you need to sign up first. Almost all websites require you to have an active account and profile. To create an account, you need to spend just a few minutes of your time, while profile creation can take slightly more since you need to upload your photo as well as other info about yourself.

So, how to get a Korean girlfriend? After you create a profile, you need to search for potential brides. It doesn’t matter what options you use to achieve that, as long as you find enough potential brides. Then, you need to contact them—most dating sites make communication tools exceptionally simple and convenient, so it won’t be difficult to figure everything out. Lastly, some sites offer the organization of real-life meetings, and if you are eager to see Korean wives in real-life, then this option would be highly useful for you! Therefore, if you are interested in online relationships with breathtaking Korean girls, go ahead and sign up on one of those sites today.

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How to meet Korean bride online in 2024?

The easiest way to find a suitable Korean mail order bride online is on international dating sites. They help you connect to women with serious intentions.

Why are Korean women become mail order brides?

Nowadays, many young girls from Korea dream of a relationship and even marriage with a foreign man. So today you can meet a great number of single girls from Korea on online dating sites who are looking for their love abroad.

Why are Korean mail order brides so popular?

The secret of such popularity of Korean girls is in their natural beauty, femininity, fragility, combined with sensual character traits. Moreover, they become one of the most loving, sensual, and faithful wives. They have a very delicate and romantic nature, so every day of a relationship with such a beauty will be filled with new feelings and love.

How much is a Korean bride?

This price includes every step from searching to meeting live with your date. Online dating services cost up to $10 to $100, including advanced features, and travel to her home country costs from $3,000 up to $11,000.

How to find Korean brides?

Today, love knows no boundaries. When you’re trying to figure out where to meet Korean girls—online dating sites and services come in the first place. They unite single hearts from around the world with beautiful women from Korea. They provide every single man with a convenient place where they can easily find, meet, and even date beautiful ladies from Korea.

How to date Korean bride as a foreigner?

You need to treat your girl with respect and be attentive to norms in Korea, as the country is more traditional than Western countries.

How to impress Korean mail order bride?

Impressing a Korean girl is not that difficult, as many of them see the picture of the ideal relationship as in the Western romcoms they grew up with.

How to flirt with Korean women to make them fall in love?

To catch the attention of a lovely Korean girl you need to be assertive but not too pressuring. Relationships in Korea are more slow-paced, and you need to be aware of that.

How to tell if a Korean girl likes you?

Korean women may appear a bit reserved at first, as it’s traditional behavior. But women from Korea like cute romantic notes or little gestures that will show that she is into you.


Now you know what you need to do to have a great online dating experience with women from Korea and find Korean wife for yourself—the whole process is simple and convenient, so you can find just what you desire in less than an hour!

Stunningly beautiful, incredibly smart, and extremely loyal, a Korean bride is a dream come true for many modern men. These ladies know how to make a man happy as well as build a strong and healthy relationship. Therefore, if you feel like a gorgeous Korean girl is going to be a great match for you, head to one of the numerous Korean dating sites and meet your soulmate today.

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