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Dating trends may come and go, but Brazilian ladies are steadily popular among Western men as girlfriends and especially wives.  Here is our list of popular dating sites for meeting Brazilian girls for marriage, plus what you need to know if you feel like you are destined to find a Brazilian wife.

Best Dating & Brazilian Mail Order Brides Sites in 2024

Rank Site Trial Link
#1 La-Date
#2 Colombia Lady
#3 LatiDate

Since 2010, when only 508 Brazilian brides entered the US with K-1 visas, the number has more than doubled and in 2019, 1,065 girls from Brazil achieved the same feat.

pretty brazilian bride in bra

3 features that make Brazil mail order wives so desirable

Brazilian mail order brides have a lot to offer to potential partners, but these three qualities attract men the most.

  • Gorgeous faces and bodies. There is a reason why Brazilian ladies are considered to be some of the most gorgeous Latina women for marriage on the planet.
  • Optimistic attitude. No matter what a Brazilian girl is going through, she always hopes for better things and works to achieve them.
  • Fearless nature. Life in Brazil can be tough, but it’s exactly what makes local women so daring and confident.

How much does it usually cost?

Depending on the dating site that you choose, how many women you’ll talk to at once, how long it takes you to find the one, and a few other factors, you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $15,000 on your search. That includes the price of a Premium website membership with extra features, as well as the cost of meeting a Brazilian wife for the first time in real life.

Popular Brazilian brides profiles

Katherine Profile image 1
Katherine Profile image 2
Katherine Profile image 3
Katherine Profile image 4
Katherine Profile image 5
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Katherine, 23
São Paulo, Brazil
From: colombialady.com
Dayana Profile image 1
Dayana Profile image 2
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Dayana, 35
Salvador, Brazil
From: colombialady.com
Marcela Profile image 1
Marcela Profile image 2
Marcela Profile image 3
Marcela Profile image 4
Marcela Profile image 5
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Marcela, 21
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
From: colombialady.com

What attracts Brazilian girls in Western man?

There are two main reasons why so many Brazil women for marriage want to meet Western guys. First, many of them are simply drawn to the way foreign men look, speak, treat women, and take care of their families. Second, just like Colombian mail order brides, single Brazilian women realize that they can do more with their lives and ensure a better future for their kids if they move to a country that is more peaceful and financially stable than Brazil.

When it comes to dating, it’s always useful to take a look at Brazilian women facts to understand the ladies’ specificities:

cute brazilian girl with flower
  • A woman who respects herself visits beauty salons. Brazilian women love dressing up, and having their nails and hair done is a must. However, spending time and effort herself isn’t the right thing to do. So, each lady goes to the salon at least once a month.
  • They have a good sense of humor. It’s all about being positive and seeing a good side in any situation. Brazilian women for marriage enjoy life and always try to stay optimistic as much as Chilean brides try to do.
  • Brazilian ladies are emotional. When they’re happy, angry, or excited, you’ll easily tell that by their facial expressions and tone of voice.

Success stories

happy brazilian girl with western man

CJ & Valeria

I came to a dating site looking for a girl from Brazil. I have always been interested in this country, and its women seemed very attractive. I set strict selection criteria and began to leisurely flip through the profiles. I started a correspondence with three girls and I liked them all, but only with Valeria, a long correspondence dragged on. I was interested in getting to know her more and more. A month later we met, and a year later we got married. I really like a life with Valeria, her energetic temperament. She is never bored with her and has a lot of energy for both household chores and leisure. I am fortunate to meet my wife.

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happy brazilian woman with american

Cameron & Mirabela

For a long time I could not find a girl in the USA, and I decided to expand my search to the whole world. From the first days of being on the dating site, I was very passionate. So much communication with beautiful girls. But I fell in love only with Mirabela. Even through her words, she managed to touch me. I liked its simplicity and openness. I realized that it was such a bright southern woman that would make me happy. I wasn’t wrong. We have been married for three years, and I am truly happy. My wife supports me in everything, and we are a team.

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Is it hard to meet Brazilian brides from abroad?

No, finding a wife in Brazil actually pretty easy, but only if you know where to look. For example, a trip to Brazil will take a lot of your time and resources without giving you a lot of opportunities to safely meet beautiful Brazilian singles. If your goal is to meet Brazilian mail order brides for a serious relationship or marriage, your best option is a popular dating site. These sites have a big audience of real women who want to meet Western guys, so you’ll have plenty of potential matches to choose from.

beautiful brazilian woman at home

Here are some tips on how to date a Brazilian woman:

  • Stay in touch. Don’t ignore messages and always respond to them. Otherwise, the lady will think your intentions aren’t serious, and you have other women to choose from.
  • Don’t be shy. Since Brazilian girls are emotional, it’s hard for them to understand the feelings of people who are rather restrained. So, she’ll appreciate it if you are honest about your emotions. And this rule is gonna work even with the windless Asian mail order wives.
  • Remember about giving compliments. It’s important for a Brazilian woman to hear that she looks fantastic to understand that the two hours she spent getting ready weren’t in vain.

How to make your relationship with a Brazilian mail order bride thrive

Dating a woman from a totally different culture can be intimidating, especially when you’ve met online and have never met in person before or are preparing for your first-ever real-life date. These three tips are a good place to start planning your dating strategy if you’d like to know how to marry a Brazilian woman.

  • Compliment her all the time. Brazilian brides pay attention to what you do, but they can’t help but pay even more attention to what you say about them and the way they make you feel.
  • Ask questions about her family. There are few things special to a Brazil girl for marriage and is important for her to talk about her family, just as it will do for Mexican wife, so you can win extra points by having a visible interest in her family.
  • Learn to enjoy the things she loves. Being two people from two very different backgrounds, often with an age difference, chances are you don’t have much in common. An easy way to correct that is to spend time doing her favorite things.

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What to know about dating Brazilian women?

Mail order brides from Brazil are very friendly, cheerful, and enjoy meeting new people in their lives. But still, there are few things to keep in mind when dating them: get to know more about her culture, be patient and romantic, compliment her, and prepare gifts for a first date.

What is a Brazilian mail order bride?

There are a lot of single women in this country, that’s why many young girls register on mail order bride agencies. In fact, a Brazilian mail order bride is a single girl who lists herself in a catalog to find her partner for marriage abroad.

How to find Brazilian brides?

Nowadays, every man can meet the love of his life from Brazil on the Internet. With the help of online dating sites and mail order bride services, you can not only easily find your perfect Brazilian beauty but also chat, date her online, and eventually marry Brazilian girl.

Why are Brazilian mail order brides so popular?

Brazilian girls are the perfect match for marriage, because of their devotion to the relationship and family. They will always try to fill your relationship with new feelings, joy, and love. They are also famous for their beauty and curvy figures which charm men from all over the world.

How much do Brazilian mail order brides cost?

In general, the regular price for meeting a charming mail order bride from Brazil through a matchmaking service or agency might appear nearly $10,000. This price includes expenses of the site membership, costs for premium services, and travel expenses.

What are Brazilian women like that all men go crazy about them?

The combination of Brazilian women’s perfect bodies, flawless facial features with sensual lips, and charming allure around them is just irresistible.

Why are Brazilian women so beautiful?

The beauty of Brazilian ladies partly comes from winning the genes lottery but mainly from never taking their beauty for granted. The amount of work these hotties put on to their appearance is colossal.

How to date a Brazilian woman like a pro?

Women from Brazil love confident men but not boys, who are still deciding on what they want from life. So to date a hot Brazilian girl, you need to be manly, caring, and romantic.

How to impress a Brazilian girl to make her fall in love?

Brazilian women love romance, so creative romantic gestures should be on top of your conquering strategy. Make sure that your lady knows your serious intentions, or you’ll risk her thinking that you are playing around.

How to get a Brazilian girl to like you?

You can’t make a heart change from what it wants. But a part of getting a Brazilian woman is showing your genuine side and positive traits as a person. Don’t be afraid to open up!


A Brazilian mail order wife can be the one partner you’ve been looking for your whole life. Brazilian mail order wives are stunning, passionate, fiercely loyal, and truly care about their partners. If you’re tired of being single and feel like marrying a Brazilian woman is exactly who you need to be happy, all that is left to do is pick the right dating site for your taste and begin the journey that can potentially change your life!

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