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European brides are impressive with their diversity of countries and cultures. All girls are different, but all of them attract with their refinement and beauty. We decided to understand how much dating with European brides costs in practice. We have studied websites, statistics, official sources and give you clear and understandable instructions in this article.

Best Dating & European Mail Order Brides Sites in 2024

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#1 SofiaDate
#2 Bravo Date
#3 TheLuckyDate

European brides: Essential and interesting statistics

We have collected essential facts about dating European ladies that will help you understand their characteristics and make a decision about choosing a bride:

  • The UK is the leader in issuing visas for brides of Eastern European nations, with 1,435 visas in 2019
  • Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are the leaders in visas issued among the countries of Eastern Europe
  • 4-6 years is the average age difference between European brides and American men
  • The highest divorce rate in Luxembourg (88,9%), the least divorced in Malta (13%)
  • In Ireland and other developed countries, women prefer men of their age; in Slavic countries, the age difference is slightly more
  • People in Eastern Europe get married earlier than in Western Europe.
european lady by ocean

We found out that depending on the country, European women marry foreigners for various reasons. A lot of mail order brides from Eastern Europe are looking for family orientation and marriage in American men because men in their countries are too passionate about equality and do not want to take responsibility for a woman. Similar principles guide mail order brides from Eastern Europe, but they are also driven by the desire to find stability and support in the person of a man. It must also be said that many mail order brides choose foreigners only because it is exciting. Dating sites make it possible not to limit your choice to one Eastern European country, and we really like it. If so, Europe is a place to find best foreign ladies for marriage!

Popular European brides profiles

Iryna Profile image 1
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Iryna Profile image 6
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Iryna Profile image 13
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Iryna, 37
Kyiv, Ukraine
From: sofiadate.com
Marina Profile image 1
Marina Profile image 2
Marina Profile image 3
Marina Profile image 4
Marina Profile image 5
Marina Profile image 6
Marina Profile image 7
Marina Profile image 8
Marina Profile image 9
Marina Profile image 10
Marina Profile image 11
Marina Profile image 12
Marina Profile image 13
Marina Profile image 14
Marina Profile image 15
Marina Profile image 16
Marina Profile image 17
Marina Profile image 18
Marina Profile image 19
Marina Profile image 20
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Marina, 33
Odessa, Ukraine
From: sofiadate.com
Anna Profile image 1
Anna Profile image 2
Anna Profile image 3
Anna Profile image 4
Anna Profile image 5
Anna Profile image 6
Anna Profile image 7
Anna Profile image 8
Anna Profile image 9
Anna Profile image 10
Anna Profile image 11
Anna Profile image 12
Anna Profile image 13
Anna Profile image 14
Anna Profile image 15
Anna Profile image 16
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Anna, 27
Odessa, Ukraine
From: sofiadate.com
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European brides: What and how much it costs

This section will calculate the cost of a European bride for you based on the data we have analyzed about different types of expenses. Of course, we will not talk about how to buy European women (it is illegal and, to put it mildly, strange), but we will tell you about all the costs associated with dating best mail order brides.

Let’s start our analysis with the top sites in the European dating industry.

Sites with membership Sites with credits
Sites UkraineDate.com





Price per month From $29.99 to $39.99 From $2.99 to $399
Why choose Chatting


Adding to favorites


Email services

Video services

Audio services

Gift delivery

Sites with subscriptions assume that you pay a certain amount every month, whether you use the services or not. Sites with loans are more profitable because you only pay for what you use, and a higher package price only means you can buy a lot of services.

cute european woman in bikinis

After you meet a girl on the site, you will need to arrange at least one meeting with her. It is the rule for issuing a K-1 fiancé visa in the United States. We analyzed the stories of men who chose European wives for themselves and realized that the most convenient option for them was to travel to the bride’s country. They are all different, and it doesn’t matter what is their native country. It can be a blonde French bride with big blue eyes, pale skin, and an unbelievably shiny smile, or a lovely Turkey girl for marriage with a perfect body. Well, maybe you want to see an Italian mail order bride who can conquer your heart in a second? You will have a lot of fantastic variants to choose from. We calculated how much a two-week trip to the capitals of 5 countries—the leaders in the number of beautiful European women in the United States—will cost you.

Country/Price Ukraine (Kyiv) Russia (Moscow) Great Britain (London) Germany (Berlin) France (Paris)
Flight tickets from/to Washington $750 $650 $600 $620 $570
Hotel room $546 $1,106 $3,360 $1,610 $3,836
Price of a meal for 14 days for two, including three restaurant visits per day $406 $574 $1,120 $798 $952
Price of transport for 14 days for one, monthly pass $13 $31 $213 $95 $85
Price of entertainment for 14 days for two $70 $448 $952 $560 $1,960
The total price $1,785 $2,809 $6,245 $3,683 $7,403

*Prices provided according to BudgetYourTrip.com and Numbeo.com

You can also optimize the cost by changing and removing spending points or choosing other cities to visit. To compare the cost of living and entertainment in different cities, use the sites that we provide above.

If you are lucky and after the trip, you are ready to apply for a K-1 visa (we are sure it will be so), at this stage, you will also need to spend the amount of money on its issuance:

K-1 visa costs

  • States fees: $1,940
  • Medical exam: the cost varies by country; on average, it is $180.
  • Applying for a green card (after getting married in the USA): $1,225
  • Total cost: $3,345

The K-1 visa allows your European mail order bride to come to the US and marry within 90 days. Each couple individually looks at the organization of the holiday. The average cost of a US wedding in 2020 was $19,000.

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Two ways how to find a European bride online

We have analyzed the possible ways to find a European bride online and will tell you about two main possibilities.

european girl for marriage in sunglasses

Bride tours to many European countries

Romantic tours were a trendy way of dating Slavic ladies in the past. Special international marriage agencies organize a trip to one or more cities where men can meet single European brides at special parties.

The most common romantic tours include:

  • Flight organization
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Partying with local women
  • Translation Services
  • Optional entertainment program with or without European beauties

We analyzed the cost of bride tours and concluded that today this option is relevant only for Eastern European countries, and in this direction, the cost of the tour depends on the number of cities in one trip. We also found out that the average duration of such a tour is 10 days.

The direction of tour/The cost Two cities Three cities
About $3,900 for 10 days About $6,000 for 10 days

More specific examples for finding a European mail order wife:

Romantic tours for finding European woman have their pros and cons and are suitable only for specific categories of men.


  • These tours provide an opportunity to experience the country’s culture to the fullest.
  • A new unforgettable experience, a lot of attention from extremely attractive Eastern European women
  • The possibility of a quick meeting with many European brides at once


  • Tours don’t allow you to get up close and personal with Eastern European wives
  • Many women from Eastern Europe perceive such events as casting and do not want to participate.
  • The method is not very good for finding a serious relationship with a woman from a European country
  • It is, after all, expensive, and there is no guarantee of results with European beauties.

Based on the pros and cons of this method, we recommend marriage tours for men who want to combine tourism with online dating European beauties.

beautiful european bride on beach

We advise you to use dating sites for men who want to get the best Eastern European mail order brides for relationships.

Brief instructions for finding an Eastern European woman online

Searching for a European girl on a dating site is a safe, familiar, and reliable dating method. What can be better rather than a Greek mail order wife who can share everything with you and enjoy it as much as you do? Western men and European women love online dating platforms equally, so meeting your Eastern European woman on the dating platform will not be difficult. This way of searching for a European woman also has pros and cons.


  • You regulate your costs for searching European mail order brides from month to month.
  • You will have a vast selection of European ladies from different countries and time to get to know them better.
  • You will be able to make an informed decision about meeting your European woman.


  • Searching for European mail order brides on the site is a process, not always fast.
  • Ideally, you need to communicate with several girls at once, and at some points, this can be tiring.

Thus, we recommend European mail order brides search sites for men who want to find a foreign girl for a relationship, save money but invest a little time. We do not recommend dating European women online for those who hate online searches.

How to find an Eastern European wife on dating sites?

To date European women, you should follow these steps.

  1. Register on suitable mail order bride sites. We advise you to choose 2-3 websites with European mail order brides to select girls and have free time for other things.
  2. Create an attractive profile for European women who wanted to write to you.
    1. To do this, add at least 5-7 photos that show your personality and, possibly, your hobby. Travel photos also always attract European women.
    2. Write a short but engaging self-description. Dating sites with European women are a kind of market, and it is essential to show your best side.
    3. Use all the possibilities of a dating site with European women to tell about yourself to the fullest.
  3. Chat in parallel with 2-3 European girls. In this case, you are more likely to find your love but avoid burnout.
  4. Keep an emotional connection with European women for marriage. Be interested in their affairs, make signs of attention, and remember that long-distance relationships are also relationships. Local brides will appreciate your thorough approach, you’ll see. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to an Eastern European girl or a Western European woman. If they realize that you are worth all their feelings and emotions, they will do everything for you as Spanish wife would do blindly.
european woman for marriage in top

Success stories of relationships with European girls

“I like my life. In my 40 years, I visited many countries, lived for some time in Bali and London, could afford expensive sports. The only thing I missed was my wife. In Bali, I met many couples where western men were married to eastern European brides, and they all seemed nice and open to me, so I decided to find myself an Eastern European bride. I met Alina a month after using BravoDate, and a year later, we got married. I was right to look from Eastern European brides. My eastern European girl impresses me with her sense of humor, kindness, and grit. Every day with her makes me happy. I love her very much.”

“I decided to look for my European bride after my divorce from my wife. I was always interested in trying international marriage, and after reading many articles, I realized that I was most interested in Eastern European brides. I registered on BravoDate, AmourFactory, and JollyRomance and met my European fiancée Katya two months later. We got married on a K-1 visa 10 months after we first met. My Eastern European wife impresses me with her culinary talents, wise attitude towards life, and optimism. I can always ask her for advice, and she will be the best of all, what I heard. I advise everyone to look for Eastern European brides; they are just a miracle.”

International dating experts opinions

“The European wives market is striking in its scale, especially if we are talking about Eastern European brides. For many years, girls from European countries, mainly Eastern Europe, have been very popular with men. It no longer looks like fashion but rather a long-term and sustainable trend.

It is essential to understand that European women differ from country to country. As the majority of Asian women for marriage, they represent the modern type of woman who is smart, beautiful, and can discuss anything. If you are interested in more emancipated, slightly erratic, and ambitious women, I advise you to pay attention to European mail order wives from the Western part of the mainland. Foreign men who want to find family comfort and peace with their European wife can pay attention to eastern European brides”.

“All European wives are beautiful, but the eastern European bride is more like a portrait of the ideal woman for an American man. Most brides from Europe, especially German wives, Czech and Swedish ladies for marriage, can’t imagine their lives without a strong man’s shoulder to lean on and children to caress. The same—Eastern European women are attracted to Western men by their focus on family and independence. In addition, Slavic girls are good at creating a large family, just like American men”.

“It seems that Eastern European girls are ideal foreign mail order brides of foreign men. Men from the USA love Slavic women for their excellent stress tolerance and devotion to the family. They know that European mail order wives will always support them in difficult situations. Bulgarian wives are great at making your home a perfect place where you will always be glad to come or return after a working day. If you search in the mail order brides combination of femininity and strength, then 100% you need to choose eastern European girls”.

European brides scams: The most common schemes

After releasing “Tinder Swindler” on Netflix, we all know that scammers can be very attractive, but our tips will keep you safe from even the most ingenious swindlers. We have studied the types of scamming on dating sites and talked about the most dangerous ones. Please read below about the 3 most common scams and how to avoid them.

Extortion of money under the pretext

The scheme is simple but effective: the girl makes you fall in love with herself in all possible ways, and at the moment when you are ready to give her almost everything, she says that she has unforeseen problems and she urgently needs money. Keep our advice—never send money. According to the FTC, scammers often ask for money to pay for surgery or other medical expenses, pay customs fees to retrieve something, pay off gambling debts.

Fraud with payment cards

Some sites very cleverly describe their services, including hidden fees there, and suddenly twice as much money is charged from your card as it should have been. Register only on reliable, proven, and popular dating sites to avoid this situation. We also do not recommend transferring your card data to girls from dating sites.


One of the most unpleasant types of scammers. The scammer rubs himself into your confidence, finds out as many intimate details as possible, and then begins to blackmail, threatening to transfer information to interested parties. We advise you not to lose your head, no matter how empathic and honest your interlocutor looks—all intimate details—only after the first meeting.

If you think you’ve encountered a scammer, please get in touch with the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov and contact the dating site’s support team.

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How to meet European bride online in 2021?

To meet beautiful European brides online, you need to find a reliable dating website that covers your needs. Then register, create your profile, and dive into an exciting love search.

How to date European bride as a foreigner?

Dating beautiful European singles is not a problem if you treat women with respect and care. Women from Europe like traditional courtship, but preferences depend on a particular country you choose.

How to attract European mail order bride if you are out of her league?

Make sure you look your best and behave like a gentleman: European women can’t stand impolite men who know a few things about manners and romantic courting.

How to flirt with European women like a pro?

European ladies love to build relationships that are easy and fun. And that is what you need to take into consideration when choosing your flirting strategy. So throw away old pick-up lines and be creative.

How to tell if a European girl likes you or just jokes around?

If you want to distinguish real feelings from fake ones and flirt, you should watch how your European girl treats you. If she wants to communicate non-stop, then you definitely mean a lot.

European mail order bride: What country is yours from?

The European wife is already a treasure and a gift for many years, but how to choose a specific country? It all depends on the culture of which country you are closer to. If an excellent education, restraint, and knowledge of the English language are essential to you, we advise you to choose a European mail order bride from England. If a warm character and the ability to compromise are more important to you, Eastern European mail order brides, such as Ukrainian women, will suit you more. In any case, you need to try, and then you will know for sure.

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