Today, mail order bride services and other online dating sites are becoming more and more popular. Many men from different continents dream of finding foreign brides, and there are many reasons for this—they are exotic, gorgeous, and every girl is so different that every man can find exactly what he wants. Thanks to online dating sites, everyone has a chance to find their perfect partner, wherever he or she lives. There is a wide range of mail order brides websites that specialize in different regions and countries. Therefore, before choosing the site, it is crucial to decide which region you are interested in. In this article, you will find everything about mail order brides.

Best Dating & Mail Order Brides Sites

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#1 SofiaDate
#2 TheLuckyDate
#3 Eastern Honeys
#4 La-Date

Finding a partner online is one of the simplest things that you can do. Mail order brides websites is a modern and efficient approach to meet your soul mate. The purpose of this article is to tell you everything about mail order brides and how to start a successful and enjoyable relationship with one of the best mail order brides. It is a simple and an excellent way to find love and happiness!

International Dating: Why Is It a Good Idea?

The concept of international dating is familiar to many people around the globe. Long story short, it is a perfect way to find a beautiful and interesting date online. Foreign girls want to start a relationship with Western men, and the dating websites give such a change.

foreign bride online

What can you do while online dating? Chat, flirt, use video calls and communicate with your foreign girlfriend within other tools. International dating websites give a great opportunity to have a long-distance relationship with no need to end it with a marriage—you just have the time of your life, enjoying online romance to the fullest.

Why Do Foreign Brides for Marriage Want to Marry American Men?

Many mail order brides are looking for online communication with a foreign man for various reasons. Most of the time, it is possible to say that they pursue their own goals and dreams. Nevertheless, if you are seeking love and care from foreign women for marriage, you should be aware of reasons that encourage these ladies to seek a foreign marriage:

They Believe that American Men Have the Best Qualities

One of the reasons why so many girls for marriage want to marry foreign men is that they know how wonderful American men are. They want to experience being taken care of by a responsible, reputable, successful, and caring person from the United States or Canada. For instance, one of the biggest dreams of French brides is to be with a man who will treat them as princesses.

international couple

They Are Tired of Living in Their Home Countries

Very often, the place where mail order brides were born is the reason why they want to leave it. Living in one country can be tiresome for the majority of Chilean women for marriage, which is why the best mail order brides want to be with a nice foreign guy simply to obtain and gain new experiences and emotions.

There Are Not Enough Decent Men

Moreover, the reason for a lady to seek a foreign husband can be the fact that there are no decent men left where they live. Very often, foreign women for marriage become disappointed in local men who have completely different goals and moral principles. Thus, they seek love and care elsewhere.

How to Find the Best Country with Best Foreign Girls?

There is no best country with the best women. Everything depends on your goals and desires. If you are looking for a mail order bride from a certain country, then you probably know about all the peculiarities and cultural features of your potential bride. Even if you know them, it is always a good idea to freshen up your memory!

foreign mail order bride in top

How to Buy a Foreign Girl for Marriage?

What does to buy a foreign girl for marriage mean? How can one purchase a foreign wife for sale? Well, the answers to these questions are simple – to buy a wife means to spend some money on communication with her. The process of looking for a foreign wife requires some time and money, which is why the first thing you need to do is to locate a perfect mail order brides service that will offer you the perfect dating tools needed to find your lady.

pretty foreign bride on beach

After choosing a place with dating services, you need to figure out how to actually communicate with a girl. But before that, you need to find mail order brides for communication. It can be done differently – depending on the dating site, you can choose various searching tools. There is also a feature called matchmaking that can analyze your profile and match it with a Filipino mail order bride, Czech wife for sale, Venezuela bride, basically any girl who has similar goals, features, and preferences with you.

The last step of buying a foreign girl for marriage is communication and further development of your relationships. Here, everything depends on you since the site cannot help you find a connection with a bride. Still, plenty of mail order brides websites provide you with dating tips that can be vastly helpful!

How to Find a Foreign Wife

Modern technologies and the accessibility of travel make searching for a foriegn wife much easier. With the help of niche and international wife dating sites, you can find a suitable partner from any country from the comfort of your home.

cute foreign bride in swimsuit

For example, platforms like SofiaDate, La-Date, and SakuraDate, have the widest selection of overseas brides, which makes searching for a partner for life easier. Also, they provide convenient search and multiple communication methods that allow you to build a long-distance relationship without feeling the distance.

Other Popular Ways to Find Foreign Partners

If you are still wondering how to meet foreign woman outside the traditional online dating realm, here are a few options to consider:

All Western countries have large communities of foreigners, and exploring the ones near you, as well as different cultural places like OG Italian restaurants or Chinatown near you, might help you find a match.

Just pick a destination and plan a 2-week trip to have a fun adventure and at the same time meet many local girls in the bars, cafes, and nightclubs. But be prepared that it won’t be cheap.

Some agencies organize specialized groups or solo tours where you go to a particular country just to find a partner. They pick candidates and organize different activities to help you mingle and see if there is a spark.

Instagram and Facebook can also help you find women from different countries. And though it takes time and a lot of effort, it’s still possible to slide into the DMs of a hot girl who can potentially be your wife.

romance tour

Opportunities to find international brides are almost limitless, and all of the options we gathered can be a chance for you to meet a loving partner. However, if you want to save time and effort searching for a compatible person, go for reliable, specialized dating websites.

How to Get a Foreign Wife

Well, it's clear that you can't order a bride and wait for her to arrive at the desired destination. But that doesn't mean that finding a wife overseas should be very different. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you meet your overseas wife using the example of SofiaDate (a niche Eastern European dating platform):

  1. Go to and find a registration form

    It's on the right side of the main page. Fill in the signup form with your name, who you are looking for, email, and password. Click the check mark if you read and agree with SofiaDate's terms and policies, and then click the Find My Matches button.

  2. Fill in your profile

    Add good photos of you (you can skip this step, but it's highly recommended not to do so as filled profiles with photos add 200% more replies).

  3. Go to the Like Her or Search Ladies sections

    Click the respective buttons on the left side of the screen menu. If you choose Like Her, you'll be using an interactive swiping-like search, and if you go for Search Ladies, you'll be using a traditional search with 15+ filters. You can tailor the membership base to your preferences, and both features are free.

  4. Approach women that you like

    But don't chat with more than 3 women at a time, as you will easily get distracted. Better use the Favorites feature and make a list of girls you like. After approaching them and adding or eliminating women from your top-3, slowly narrow it down to the foreign girl you have the most chemistry with.

  5. Develop your relationship and see where it leads you!

This may seem like a long list, but it's basically all that you need to find a partner abroad quickly and comfortably.

Advantages of Long-Distance Relationships

There is no point in denying that online communication is different compared to conventional forms of interaction. While there are some disadvantages of online communication, it is highly valuable to define the advantages of long-distance relationships and how to maintain proper communication via online tools!

It Is More Effective

You do not need to go somewhere for a personal meeting or to get ready for a date with Italian mail order wife in her far-distant town, for example. The only thing you need is your computer and an hour of your free time. It is the perfect form of communication for people who do not have much free time!

long distance relationships

It Is More Affordable

One can agree that a decent date requires spending much money. To make a good impression on your date, you need to be ready to spend a small fortune. Although showing your date that you are ready to make her feel like a princess is a good thing, it can be quite wasteful when you are not sure whether she is the one or not. However, online communication does not require you to spend thousands of dollars on one lady. Such services are usually incredibly affordable.

You Have a Wider Choice

Millions of women are seeking Western men to build happy and strong relationships. Therefore, you are not limited by your hometown or country – the whole world is in front of you: from mail order brides from Russia to unattainable Thailand! You just need to log in and start communicating with beautiful mail order brides!

How to Check Whether Your Online Bride Is a Bot or Not?

Unfortunately, online communication is associated with scam and fraud. There are many dating platforms that want to steal your money. Instead of offering you communication with real mail order bride, they use bots and other software to imitate human activity. If you are looking for foreign wife, we highly advise you to take a look at a few tips to check whether your bride is real or not.

real asian bride

Her Messages Are Complex and Detailed

The best way to understand whether you are speaking to a real person is to ask a complex question. If you see that the answer is also complex and contains several answers, you are dealing with a real bride!

She Does Not Ask for Money

Very often, the purpose of bots is to gain trust and ask you for money! It is a good chance that your mail order bride is real in case you do not see her asking you for money.

In short, yes: you can marry a Chinese bride, Spanish mail order wife, or get an Argentina wife without any legal problems. What's more, your foreign life partner from South America, Eastern Europe, Western European countries, China (or other Asian countries) can become a permanent resident and a US citizen after that—but it's not as simple. 

First, it depends on what kind of mail order services you're going to use. If you use specialized services (international marriage agencies), they'll provide you all the information about your legal rights and about the legal rights of your mail order partner. Furthermore, they will help you in every step of the process of meeting and marrying women living in foreign countries. The international marriage agencies are typically focused on Eastern European women (Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides), women from Asian countries (Vietnamese ladies for marriage, for example), women from South America (e.g. Colombian women), and Filipino brides—but they can also help you find a perfect match from Western Europe. You just choose among women listed on their websites, find a perfect match, and contact your soul mate—that's how it works, and it's 100% legal.

foreign brides

But the problem is: it's not that cheap and the average price of foreign spouses is much higher than the average price of marrying young girls on mail order bride websites (and unfortunately, there can be hidden fees you will never see coming). Mail order bride websites typically don't provide any legal help, help you overcome the language barrier, and offer as many features as specialized services—but they have all the features you need. They offer free registration, have many search filters, and are a perfect option for instant messaging. 

But it doesn’t matter what kind of mail order brides services you’re going to use—the first thing you have to know is that both of these types of services have more mail order brides than you ever expected to meet. The second thing you must know is: it’s totally legal to find a perfect match, to meet and marry her, no matter what services you’re using.

How Does It Work and What Visas Do You Need?

Let's say you're interested in Filipina brides—there are many other countries you can focus on, so it doesn't really matter. You sign up on a bride service in a few clicks (remember, they have a free registration), chat with women, and meet them. Then, you fall for one of those Filipina wives and marry her in the Philippines—in this case, your wife will be able to get a CR1 visa ("spouse visa") legally. If you choose to marry your mail order bride not in her country but in the US, she'll have to get a K-1 visa (it's often called "fiancé(e) visa"). When it's done, your wife will get a Green card and become a permanent resident of the United States. She will also be able to become a US citizen in 3 years (there is a five-year rule for green card holders, but those who got a K-1 or a CR1 visa don't need to wait). 

visa application

Mail Order Brides: Statistics

Before you start searching for a perfect match, you probably need some statistical facts—because it's one thing to read about mail order brides being "family-centered" or "young," and another to take a look at the numbers backed by data!

  • Even though intermarriages are generally more vulnerable to divorce (41% chance of divorce while the divorce rate between those married within their race was 31% at the time the study was published), this is not a case when it comes to the marriages between men from the US and foreign mail order brides. Thus, the divorce rate in mail-order marriages between men from the US and Russian women is 6.7-12.2 percent lower than the overall US divorce rate! 
  • The most common age groups are 21-25 years old (47%) and 18-21 years old (20%). Only 4% of mail order brides are older than 35 years old. However, it depends on the country—say, if you're searching for Russian brides, you'll probably meet lots of Russian women in their early 20s. Still, if you are looking for a bride from a Western European country, you'll most likely find many well-established, financially stable women in their 30s or even 40s.
  • There are more mail order brides than you probably think. The most popular Asian, Latin, and Russian mail order brides websites have hundreds of thousands of women. Many women from different countries on these sites have serious intentions and want to meet a man from the US!
  • Asian mail order brides are the most popular mail order brides in the world. In 2019, more than 15,000 women from this region got married to men from the United States and got a K-1 visa (most of them were from the Philippines, but other countries, e.g., China and Thailand, are also trendy). Europe is the second most popular mail order bride region—in 2019, there were more than 6,900 new K-1 European visa holders (Ukrainian and Russian women are the most popular in Europe). The number of new K-1 visa holders from South America was 3,367 in 2019.

Mail Order Brides Scam

You can talk to a beautiful Russian woman, flirty Filipina women, or to hot ladies from Colombia in a few clicks without even leaving your home. You can find a girl younger than you or a woman of the same age, you can find lots of girls who are searching for wealthy men and lots of those looking for true love or long-distance relationships. You can use all the features of online dating platforms like video chat, live chat, or virtual gifts while sitting on your couch. Likewise, you can read lots of useful and free articles, send messages, and do everything you want without spending thousands of dollars.

mail order bride scam

But unfortunately, it's not always 100% safe—mail order brides attract scammers because they think it's effortless to steal money or personal information from Western men.

Types of Mail Order Brides Scam You Need to Be Aware Of

It is worth considering these types of scam in more detail.

Scam performed by individuals

Let's say you're interested in Russian women—you sign up on a Russian brides website and start chatting with girls. The scammers try to imitate real Russian women, they chat like real women, and they can have a casual conversation with you—but sooner or later (usually it's sooner), they start asking for money. This might look realistically, but it's typically about sending money before you meet, which is a red flag. Another red flag is a bride asking too many  about yourself trying to steal your personal information—this can be dangerous, too, because that's how identity theft works.

Scam performed by mail bride websites

This one is harder to detect and harder to solve—all you need to do with an individual trying to steal your money is contact support, but this won't help you if the website was actually created to steal your money. This can work in a lot of ways—some websites have hidden fees, the others have recurring payments, etc. Another type of scam dating sites is the ones full of fake profiles created by website's moderators—you chat with beautiful women, and then you suddenly realize you are stuck in textual limbo without any chances to meet up. The point is, these women are not real—the website team created the accounts to keep you paying them for "credits" and/or premium subscriptions.

How to Avoid Being Scammed?

It's pretty simple, actually. First, it's highly recommended choosing a mail bride website carefully—you can do it yourself or read some expert reviews, but you still need to do it carefully and thoroughly. The main goal here is to choose a trusted dating service with lots of positive reviews and a good reputation—such websites aren't that cheap, but they are definitely worth the money.

However, it's possible to meet a scammer even on the best dating website. Here are the rules you need to follow not to get scammed.

3 rules that will save you from losing money on a mail bride website

  • Google the photos of the women you're chatting with.
  • Do not send money to women, especially before you meet.
  • Do not disclose personal and sensitive information.

Mail Order Marriages: How to Marry a Woman from Another Country?

As we've said before, there are two types of visa your future wife can get—a K-1 visa and a CR-1 visa. K-1 visas are, however, much more popular and easy to get—so let's talk about getting a K-1 visa here.

K1 Visa Process: Step-by-Step

Here's a full guide on how your wife will get a K1 visa:

  1. First, she must file the Form I-129F with USCIS—she has to attach the copy of her passport, her birth certificate, proofs of the legitimacy of your relationship e.g. photos and mails, proofs of having met in person e.g. tickets and photos, and a sworn statement with an intent to marry within 3 months of the arrival of your bride to the US.
  2. Within 1 month, your bride will get an approval notice from the USCIS (the date and location of the interview will be included).
  3. Then, your bride will have to file the DS-160 form (it's basically the visa application), and it's essential to print the DS-160 confirmation page.
  4. After that, the interview will take place (1-2 months after the initial notice usually).
  5. Then, your bride will have to provide her documents (photos, birth certificate, valid passport, medical exam form, police clearance), and you'll have to provide yours (affidavit of support, tax returns).
  6. After that, the interview will take place—if your bride passes it successfully, she'll be able to enter the US legally. After the arrival, the USCIS officers will explain domestic violence and abusive relationships to your bride.
k1 visa

K1 Visa Cost

Getting a visa costs $920, but that's not all—after getting a K-1 visa, your bride will need to get a Green card, and the process of adjusting status to a marriage green card will cost $1,225.

K1 Visa Interview

The interview takes around 15-30 minutes, and it's extremely important. During the interview, your bride will need to prove that your relationship is real and bona fide and that you two are not going to commit visa fraud. They'll ask a lot of questions about your relationship, about your personality traits, about your career, life, and plans. There is no such thing as a right answer to the K-1 visa interview questions, but if you know each other well and your feelings are genuine, you have nothing to worry about.

K1 Visa Denied: Top 3 Reasons

Why can a visa be refused? Let's take a look at the main reasons:

  • Visa fraud. If the USCIS officers decide your relationship is not genuine, they will deny the K-1 visa for your bride.
  • Not being ready to marry in 3 months. If there are no wedding invitations, receipts, and bookings, it's a red flag for USCIS.
  • Being unable to meet the fiancé visa requirements. A husband of a K-1 visa holder must be able to support his fiancé, which means his income must be at least 100% of the HSS Poverty Guidelines.

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To Sum Up

So now you know why foreign ladies are so popular among Westerners, and you know all the peculiarities of dating them. So don't slow down—head to and check out the best mail order bride sites!


In case you have some questions regarding mail order bride & dating services, this section will be a great help for you!

A date online or a mail order bride: is it good or bad?

Online dating is a perfectly normal form of communication. It is an effective and useful way for people to find love online!

Online dating or mail order bride safety

Reputable and well-known dating platforms install modern and sophisticated systems to protect your personal data. However, be sure to choose only mail order brides services that have reputation and reviews!

What dating & mail order bride sites actually work?

Dating and mail order brides services help people from different parts of the planet to meet each other online. This is the sole purpose of such places!

Mail order bride: online dating conversation tips

Do not be rude. Always compliment your lady. Be sure to pay attention to what your date tells you. Be honest and open to discuss various subjects.

What dating & mail order bride sites are completely free?

There are a few dating sites that are completely free. However, you will find a lot of advertising on such mail order bride websites, which is why we do not advise you to use them.

Where to meet foreign bride?

To find the most beautiful foreign brides that are into foreign men, register on reliable international dating sites. Also, you can choose specialized platforms if you are interested in brides from a particular country.

How to talk to foreign brides as a foreigner?

Learn local norms of etiquette and dating not to appear rude. Be respectful, caring, and confident, and a gorgeous foreign bride will fall for you.

Why do American get foreign wives abroad?

Stunning foreign women have charmed American guys long ago with their exotic appearance and unique personalities. Also, women from abroad tend to be more traditional in contrast to Western women.

How to bring foreign bride to USA legally?

To bring a foreign bride to the US, you need to obtain a K1 visa, also known as a fiancee visa. You can get it if you plan to marry within 90 days.

How much to get a foreign bride to USA?

If you want to marry in the US, you need to pay for a K1 visa, which is around $2,020, and add the price for tickets to this sum.

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