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Western men of all ethnicities statistically choose Asian women for dating and marriage more than singles from other regions. As Chinese brides dominate dating sites, we focused our attention on them first, and now we are ready to share our findings concerning current costs, as well as the rundown on effective ways to meet Chinese ladies in 2023.

Best Dating & Chinese Mail Order Brides Sites in 2023

Rank Site Trial Link
#1 SakuraDate
#2 TheLuckyDate
#3 Eastern Honeys

China is one of the rare countries where there are more men than women. And at the same time, we still can see that online dating platforms offer to meet thousands of single Chinese women for marriage.

The number of singles from China can be explained by Sheng nu (Chinese women who are 27+ years old) as well divorced Chinese wives face discrimination even by their families, which pushes them to date abroad.

chinese mail order bride on backyard

Chinese Mail Order Wife Cost

It is important to emphasize that even we use the term Chinese mail order brides cost, it doesn’t mean buying a woman. There are many components of the price, but all of them are just related to costs for online dating, traveling, visas, and other expenses.

To help you understand everything that an average single man pays from the moment he starts looking for a Chinese bride till the moment of actually getting married, we made a detailed estimate.

Popular Chinese Brides Profiles

Runan Song Profile image 1
Runan Song Profile image 2
Runan Song Profile image 3
Runan Song Profile image 4
Runan Song Profile image 5
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Runan Song, 40
Shenzhen, China
From: theluckydate.com
Yue Profile image 1
Yue Profile image 2
Yue Profile image 3
Yue Profile image 4
Yue Profile image 5
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Yue, 23
Beijing, China
From: theluckydate.com
Carina Profile image 1
Carina Profile image 2
Carina Profile image 3
Carina Profile image 4
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Carina, 37
Guangzhou, China
From: theluckydate.com

Online Dating Cost

After reviewing the whole process of getting a beautiful Chinese bride, we noticed that the majority of singles had online dating platforms fees as the first expense field. There are different types of platforms where you can find single Chinese women:

  • Free
  • Subscription-based
  • Credit-based

Depending on the particular one you choose, estimated expenses for a Chinese wife differ. Here are the main options you have and the average costs.

Sites with membership
Sites– ChinaLove
– CupidAsianDating
Price per month– 10.00 USD/Month for Gold membership
– 12.50 USD/Month for Platinum membership
– Other membership packages are available
Why chooseYou don’t need to constantly monitor your balance and only should replenish your account once a month or once in several months.
Sites with credits
Price per month– First purchase offer from 2.99 USD—20 credits to 9.99 UDS—20 credits
– Other credit packages are available
Why chooseCredit-based dating websites don’t have recurring or obligatory fees, which can help avoid expenses when you don’t use the dating platform.

Visit site of your choice to check pricing ranges before you join it.

Further Chinese Brides Expenses

The next expenses are awaiting western men when they decide to meet online brides from China in real life. Moving from online dating to an IRL relationship is an important and unavoidable step for every international and long-distance couple. Let’s explore the estimate of expenses for a two-week trip to China:

Cost for a two-week trip to China
Roundtrip ticket
Total Sum

So, you need around $2,449 for two weeks in China for one. Note that our estimate doesn’t include any luxury dining or presents that you might want to give to your Chinese date.

What Can Influence Traveling Expenses?

The main factors to take into account are:

  • Chinese town you choose
  • Traveling preferences (luxury or light and casual)
  • Additional needs and desires (translation services, additional in-country trips, etc.)
chinese bride in bikinis

Most singles have at least one IRL meeting before they decide to get married. By the way, having an IRL meeting is one of the requirements of applying for a fiance visa to the US, so consider it if you want to take your relationship to the next level.

Chinese Bride: Visa Expenses

After one or few meetings in real-life international couples usually decide to get married in one of the countries. Most psychologists recommend dating for 12 to 18 months at a minimum before getting married, but couples with Chinese women for marriage tend to tie the knot quicker. The reason is that despite having a lot of dates, both foreign men and Chinese mail order brides can get to know each other through hours of quality communication.

The engaged couple usually not just picks a wedding date, but decides whether they are going to get married in China or a western country. For example, if you decide to have a Chinese wedding in the US, your fiance will need a K-1 visa. Here are estimated visa costs:

K-1 Visa Expenses
Processing fee$160
Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)$535
Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status$1,225

To find out the precise sums for your particular case and area, you can use the calculator offered by USCIS. Also, western men need to be ready to pay for a medical exam, translation of certain documents (if needed), etc. We recommend checking the rules and laws the local government if you want to get more precise numbers.

After your Chinese mail order bride will get her visa, you’ll be able to get married in the US within 90 days. And later, you can apply for the status change. But when we were researching the legal side of Chinese brides, we repeatedly stumbled upon warnings that marriage to a citizen is not a guarantee of getting a Green Card, there are also a lot of other things that your Chinese woman must qualify for. You can check the requirements for the US here.

chinese girl for marriage taking shower

Chinese Wedding Expenses

When you have all the legal stuff covered, the next and last part of Chinese mail order bride cost is the wedding. It’s hard to make a more or less precise estimate, but we rounded up the main factors that can influence the cost of getting a Chinese wife:

  1. Are you having a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony or not? Keeping some traditions like tea ceremony doesn’t cost much, while having a full-on lavish Chinese banquet can be quite pricey.
  2. Wedding date. Summer weddings tend to be more expensive than winter ones.
  3. A number of guests. Chinese families tend to be big, but that doesn’t mean that flying everyone over is the groom’s responsibility.

The average cost of wedding in the US is $28,000, but it can vary from $23,500 (Columbus) to $83,000 (Manhattan).

Additional Costs

There is not much left that you may need to pay to date and marry a Chinese bride. But if you want to take into consideration, here are other expenses that many foreign guys mention when being asked about the relationship with Chinese wives online:

Additional Expenses
🗣 Translation services$50 to $145 per hour
🎁 Presentsdepend on a particular item but around $100-200 per month
💐 Flowers$1,225
🚚 Moving costs (trip to the western country, luggage delivery, etc.)around $1,000
Adaptation costs (language courses, classes, etc.)from $500

Note not all Chinese women costs are fixed, most of them are flexible. But on average, the full cost of a Chinese wife ranges from $35,000 to $50,000+. However, if you choose to have just a sweet civil ceremony with just a close circle, you can decrease the Chinese wife cost to $5,000-8,000.

Statements of Men Who Have Married Chinese Women

During our research, we found two men who were open to talking about their experience with dating and marrying a Chinese lady. We asked each one 3 questions; look at their answers and maybe they will complete the image of Chinese women in your eyes.

happy chinese girl with black man
Fen & Chuck
Met on AsianMelodies.com

My best friend married a Vietnamese girl last year, and ever since that, I’ve thought about exploring Asian dating. So, I just asked about what site he used and joined it. I approached many Chinese girls and after a month or so met my now wife.

Chinese brides are even better-looking than I thought when looked through different photos of models and regular women on social media. My wife is 34, and she looks 21. Being with such a woman is a true blessing.

happy chinese woman with american
Felix & Chu Hua
Met on EasternHoneys.com

I’ve met Chu Hua online. I always wanted to date a nice Asian woman, as I’ve been into Chinese culture since childhood. I just googled popular mail order bride websites and got lucky. The beauty of my wife is what made me fall in love in the first place. But also, China brides are very skilled in everything about family life, and they are not demanding or nagging.

But I think that Chinese girls for marriage are not for everyone. They are different even from other Asian brides, with their strive for doing everything the best way they can, which is popular among all Chinese people. But if you want to date an Asian, just join a good dating site.

How to Find a Chinese Mail Order Wife?

We found that most options for Chinese brides search can be divided into offline and online options. In the next subheadings, we provide the peculiarities of each option for Chinese mail order brides’ search.

cute chinese girl smiling

Meeting Chinese Women Offline

Traveling to China to look for a potential Chinese bride might be for someone who:

  • Can put off work for at least 2 weeks
  • Know basic Chinese or ready to pay for interpreter services
  • Ready to make research on the best places to meet single Chinese ladies

Going on a self-prepared trip to search for your Chinese woman, might seem romantic, but in reality, it’s not statistically effective. The language barrier and global pandemics make finding Chinese brides you are compatible with quite hard. But searching for offline Chinese brides for marriage can be more efficient with romance tours.

Chinese Wives Romance Tours

Romance tours to China are professionally organized by specialized dating agencies. Such dating services offer trips to China and individual or group dates with potential Chinese brides for marriage. Most romance tours are offered by special match-making agencies. Here is some essential information about Chinese mail order brides tours:

Romance Tours
TypesGroup, Individual
Offerflights, accommodation, one-on-one dates with potential Chinese mail order wives, romantic gateways, translation services, and daily support
Duration7-21 days
Note, please:we use average numbers. You can find more and less expensive bride tours, but statistically, the sum you have to pay for such a romantic trip will never be the same as an ordinary journey to China.

Chinese Brides Romance Tours vs Solo Trips

  • Agency makes all preparations for your Chinese mail order wife search, and you don’t need to spend time and worry about reservations
  • Planning a trip yourself might be less expensive. And in romance tours, group options are cheaper than individual ones.
  • Going on a solo trip you are strongly relying on your personal luck, while the agency will preselect compatible Chinese girls for you if you choose to use their dating services
Chinese Mail Order Brides Tour Is Good for
  • Men who want professional dating support while looking for a potential Chinese bride
  • Singles who want to gain a new dating experience
  • Guys who want to combine traveling and romance
    Chinese Bride Tours Are Not the Best Option for
    • Very reserved men who are not good at socializing with women IRL
    • Singles who are into online communication
    • Westerners who are not comfortable paying upfront

    Chinese Brides Online

    With the popularity of dating online, meeting Chinese girls online is a common choice of most Westerns. Singles find it an alluring option, as it is fast, time, and cost-effective. But exploring the majority of online dating options and lots of advertising around them, it’s easy to fall under the illusion of getting a Chinese wife in just a few clicks. 

    chinese woman for marriage in garden

    The truth is:

    • There are many sites to choose from
    • It takes time to find a suitable Chinese mail order wife
    • Chinese girls are open to chatting with foreign men

    Let’s explore the difference between different options you have, how to use them, and the pros and cons of each one in search of a compatible Chinese girl.

    Analyzing the popularity and effectiveness of getting Chinese women for marriage online, we found that specialized dating sites work the best for people looking for serious relationships. Singles who have serious intentions opt for Asian women marriage platforms, like SakuraDate or EasternHoneys, because they can:

    • Meet like-minded singles with the same dating goals
    • Choose from Chinese ladies who are open to starting a family with a foreign partner
    • Date and potentially marry Chinese girls who are usually open to moving abroad
    • Use services and features that are tailored for the unique needs of Chinese women dating

    These sites are designed for casual relationships and interaction with Chinese women that can lead to nothing (or something special). They can be a good option for:

    • Men who just want to see how long-distance dating with a Chinese woman look like
    • Singles who seek easy communication, flirt, chat without serious intentions

    However, if you want to find a Chinese mail order bride and not a romantic penfriend, we recommend considering a niche platform we’ve described in the previous section.

    This is one of the most popular yet not the most effective ways to meet single Chinese women—for example, through Instagram and Facebook. But this option is the least effective among the ones we discovered.

    • Many Chinese women have private profiles and don’t reply to strangers
    • It’s hard to find someone single and interested in an international relationship
    • Catfishing and ghosting are very common

    How to Look for a Chinese Bride Online?

    There is only one simple instruction on how to find a Chinese mail order bride, and below we share it with you. You can eliminate some steps, but remember that it can cost you time and sometimes even money (if you pass the step #2, for example).

    1. Pick a reliable platform that covers your dating needs
    2. Check its guidelines, services, and costs
    3. Register and create a profile
    4. Explore the website search options for a better search of your Chinese girl
    5. Browse profiles and approach Asian women you like
    6. Keep chatting with 4-5 women to keep meaningful conversations
    7. Develop your relationships and narrow your choices

    Also, if you opt for sites like OrchidRomance or TheLuckyDate it's reasonable to use paid membership, as you get access to all communication tools and advanced features, that you can't use otherwise. Or some platforms have Premium subscriptions that can also facilitate the mail order bride dating process.

    Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Dating Profile

    You can meet Chinese ladies quite easily online, but if you want to attract the future Chinese wife we recommend taking your time and filling out your profile, helping it to work to your advantage. Here are the main tips from our experts as well as advice we can give owing to our personal experiences and work with dating websites.

    1. Mind personal information you share. Don’t reveal your address (you never know who can see you and your wealth online and then accidentally visit you) and don’t post pictures of other people on your profile (your page is only for you).
    2. Don't leave empty profile fields. The easier it is to see your personality, the bigger will be the number of potential suitable candidates who will write to you.
    3. Add high-quality photos (different angles, no other people in the shot). Show your real appearance; remember that your date can see you in real life one day.
    4. Make a creative headline as that's what catches attention during the first 3 seconds of your profile.
    5. Write a short yet informative bio that communicates your relationship intentions on the dating platform and what type of Chinese girls for marriage you seek.

    Peculiarities of Chinese Culture in Online Dating You Should Know

    Here are some facts on Chinese society opinions on online dating and international relationships that speak for themselves.

    • 200 million Chinese men and women are eager to find a partner online both in China and foreign countries
    • The gender imbalance is the main reason why dating and matchmaking are on a rise
    • About 86% of users of the Chinese dating apps are under 35 years
    • Taking into account the number of users on niche dating sites compared to the number of users on regular dating apps for casual relationship, the majority of users seek long-term relationships and not hookups

    Chinese Mail Order Brides Statistics 

    We started our deep dive into the peculiarities of meeting Chinese women as a foreigner by making research on the Chinese mail order bride culture and current international relationship situation, as well as who these women are and why they are looking for foreign men.

    • 284 Chinese brides from the mainland and 119 from Taiwan married a foreign man in 2020 and only 34 came with children. Also, we should mention that the numbers have significantly dropped compared with 2019, due to Covid. In 2019, the numbers of Chinese wives were 1,135 and 211 respectively.
    • The average age gap between Chinese women and their American husbands is 5,5-8,5 years.
    • On average Chinese women tend to get married in their mid-20s (25-26).
    • The divorce rate in China is 4 times lower than in the US.
    • As of June 2021, around 39% of Chinese women are single.
    • Chinese households mostly consist of 2–4 members, indicating that the nuclear family structure is still dominant. The birthrate is constantly falling even than 1 child policy is no longer in action. The reason—most Chinese women can't afford to raise a child being single.

    Expert View on Chinese Brides

    Rubie Peters

    As unmarried Chinese guys and women in their late twenties are called the awful term “leftovers”, it’s only natural that many seek international dating. Women feel the social pressure related to their personal life every day, even though the demographics of the huge country are in their advantage.

    Kimberly Gilroy

    Dating cultures and society, in general, has nothing against mail order brides from China marrying foreign men. And as so many Westerns are interested in relationships with these foreign women, I think that visiting China or using a dating service is a wise choice.

    Chinese Mail Order Brides Scam 

    As with any interactions online, searching for a bride from China comes with a certain risk. Many criminals are pretending to be beautiful women to make money out of singles seeking love.

    FBI Tips to Avoid Scamming

    Here is the FBI advice that can help to avoid criminals who use fake profiles to create the illusion of a romantic relationship to benefit from men from western countries.

    1. Never share your exact location, personal phone number, or financial information. Also, avoid even using the same photos you use on social media, as criminals can use it to get information on you and tailor their approach better.
    2. Visit site and make some research before joining. Read unbiased reviews and recommendations.
    3. Beware of polished profiles that look too good to be true. Also, keep an eye on the quality of conversation.
    4. Don't rush committing before you get to meet your Chinese bride IRL and her family over that tea ceremony. Well, a traditional ceremony is not obligatory, but if your online date doesn't want to meet you and makes up excuses, it's a red flag.
    5. Never send money to strangers on the Internet.

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    What is a Chinese mail order bride?

    Chinese mail order brides are actually single girls who also want to find their true love abroad for relationships or marriage. Charming single girls register on different dating services to meet and date foreign guys and create their own love stories online.

    How to find Chinese brides?

    Today, with the help of online dating sites and services, you can easily find your perfect match even from such an exotic region. These sites provide access to profiles of beautiful Chinese girls so that every man can easily find his perfect girlfriend to chat and date with.

    Why are Chinese mail order brides so popular?

    Beautiful Chinese females are a dream come true. They have all the perfect character traits men are seeking for in the future wife, they are extremely beautiful, feminine, kind, loyal, sensual, and romantic. They have a special way of finding a path to the man’s heart.

    How much do Chinese mail order brides cost?

    On average, Chinese mail order brides cost from $3,000 to $10,000. This amount  depends on your own preferences and includes every detail, such as website fees, which include advanced features, such as communication options, sending virtual or real gifts, travel, and dating expenses.

    How do Chinese brides work?

    This is a fairly simple process. If a single Chinese girl wants to find her lifelong partner abroad, she registers on online dating sites and services. Then she creates her profile and passes the test. After all these steps, her profile is added to the database, and she can start her searches, chat, and date foreign men.

    How to please a Chinese woman?

    In general, Chinese women are not into very manly men, and they tend to be more attracted to skinnier guys who are also handsome. To please a Chinese girl, make her feel safe with you.

    How to date a Chinese girl in 2023?

    A girl from China might think that you’re dating even when you are just texting, you’d make your intentions super clear early on. Be kind and honest, and your girl will appreciate you a lot.

    How to impress a Chinese girl if you are a foreigner?

    Foreigners already look very exotic to Chinese singles. So, there is not much to do to get the attention. But to make her fall in love, you need to be caring, supportive, and accepting.

    What are Chinese women like in real life?

    Real Chinese ladies are blessed with Oriental beauty of a forever-young look. A woman in her 50s may look 25 max and have a smoking-hot body. Also, Chinese girls are very petite.

    Which part of China has the most beautiful woman?

    According to the 2019 statistics, the most attractive girls from China live in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing. However, you can meet stunning Chinese ladies from all over China.

    Final Thoughts on Chinese Brides

    Despite slight differences in dating culture, Chinese brides can make good wives for Westerners. Willing singles have many options to meet a beautiful woman from China and the cost for dating can be tailored for almost any budget. However, Asian mentality has its peculiarities, and if you want someone less concentrated on family life you should better explore the dating sites with Latin brides.

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