Kimberly Gilroy

Kimberly Gilroy


Dr. Kimberly Gilroy is a Psychologist (PhD) in New York. She studied at University of Rochester, NY, from 2005 to 2010 (diagnosing and treating mental health disorders). After that, she practiced for 2 years to become a marriage and family therapist. Today, Kimberly Gilroy performs mental health assessment and therapy, helps couples to solve their problems and to understand why these problems happen, and writes articles to help people understand how online dating works and to help readers cope with problems in long-distance relationships. Kimberly is pretty familiar with the subject because has been consulting couples both online and offline since 2013—and her experience makes her an extremely important part of the team. She provides useful relationship advice, helps people solve relationship and dating conflicts, speaks about the problems people should expect from long-distance and/or international relationships, etc.

Artikel geschrieben von Kimberly Gilroy

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